UN Envoy to Burma Ibrahim Gambari Quits

Out of all the news pertaining to Burma word of Ibrahim Gambari’s departure is music to my ears. This reprehensible counter productive criminal should have gone to prison for his continued betrayal of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the people of Burma. There was no question this pocks of a human being was taking graft from Gen Than Shwe in many forms including a million dollar ruby and his choice of starlets to garner support for the regime.

Countless visits by this cretin of a man always came up empty handed with false hopes and blatant lies about his progress. Other sources have identified Gambari as the recipient of cold hard cash from Than Shwe’s goons on countless occasions which made him a laughing stock throughout the Tatmadaw. His reprehensible conduct placed the United Nations in the most negative light throughout Asia since it was common knowledge he was bought and paid for by Than Shwe’s illegal regime. But nothing spelled out how deeply he was in the pocket of the regime more than his spouting support of the illegal 2010 election the junta is going to impose on Burma. People still remember Kofi Atta Annan and his band of corrupt thugs who cashed in on the UN’s burgeoning bank account. So it was par for the course when it was discovered that Gambari was just another remnant of the criminality that has become the new frame work of the United Nations. The UN’s support of the World Trade Organization should also remind people of the direction this once noble organization is headed. Dare I mention Ban Ki-moon and his temper tantrums or how he has overlooked South Korea’s continued investments in Burma regardless of UN sanctions? If Gambari is Ban’s point man that says volumes about Ban and the United Nations and like they say, nuts don’t fall to far from the tree.

Good riddance Gambari and I hope you enjoy your ride to hell along with your chum Gen. Than Shwe since you were an enabler of genocide and tyranny. Under your watchful eye Than Shwe was empowered to do as he wished to the people of Burma while you drank expensive booze, ate opulent meals and enjoyed the company of showgirls. You intentionally bought time for the criminal regime of Burma. Your pockets were lined with the blood of the Burmese people you betrayed with your bogus visits and false statements. And your shiny blood red ruby should be a monument to the suffering you added and abetted in.

Sadly Ibrahim Gambari will soon find other pockets to raid whence he arrives in Darfur and there is no question he will betray the suffering of this impoverished nation as well. But what does the world care, just so he is out of sight and out of mind. It is to inconvenient to stand on moral ground these days since it is not profitable. My prayers are for the suffering people of Darfur since they will truly be alone whence Scambari shows up at their door. If he helps the people of Darfur like he did the people of Burma they are sure to perish during his tenure.

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Swine Shwe Flu Rages Around the World

Swine Shwe Flu

The Swine Shwe Flu raged across Sri Lanka this week as Gen, Than Shwe of Burma darkened the halls of Buddhist temples this week in spite of the fact he was excommunicated from the faith. Possibly the Sri Lanka government was not aware of the caustic situation with Buddhism within Burma. But knowing Burmese refugees were treated like animals with reports of them being burned by cigarettes by Sri Lankan authorities it’s unlikely. With Sri Lankan authorities embracing Than Shwe it’s all too apparent this government was infected with the Swine Shwe Flu.

Unchecked this disease has infected the once honorable ranks of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and from all indications the *US delegation has shown signs of this disease. Cambodia will soon succumb to this virus since their leadership has embraced Thaksin Shinawattra the fugitive from justice who betrayed Thailand for corporate money. Thaksin is posterior smooching chums of Than Shwe and has disgraced the role of Prime Minister during his tenure in Thailand. You would think Cambodia learned her lesion over the Pol Pot fiasco. Small wonder they will soon feel the wrath of their decision by repeating the mistakes of the past.

With the US dropping the most basic conditions of reconciliation within Burma (Release of Aung San Suu Kyi, Release of all political prisoners, Review bogus constitution) these so called progressive meetings are totally worthless. In fact these talks are nothing more than a photo op moment to appease the G*D’s of greed and corruption. The face of international corporatism better know as globalization is beginning to emerge in Asia as their leadership panders to the lucrative desires of industries and stock holder, not China or the US as reported. Their citizens will soon enjoy living in additional tyranny as Asia spirals out of control. Sadly these events will only foster revolts across the Asian landscape crippling the economies as Swine Shwe Flu spreads across budding democracies. China is on the brink of revolution in spite of all the feel good reports about her economy. With natural disasters already spreading throughout China’s landscape it’s only a matter of time and like dominos the rest of Asia will follow suite. This is a given and there is no altering what will soon come to pass.

In visions it was said western businessmen will be dragged through the streets by angry mobs of the suppressed while impotent western governments looked on with horror. It will be a direct reflection of what is happening today in Angola with the Chinese population since they are under siege as of this writing. The mainstream media called the perpetrators of this siege the mafia but they fail to mention how the Chinese turned the indigenous population of Angola into second class citizens. The Uyghur people of Turkestan have suffered a similar intrusion by China and have revolted. Though the media has stopped reporting the news about the Uyghur their suppression continues. The Falun Gong continues to be used as cattle for harvest for organ “donations” as well as filling the ranks of China’s Gulag System. We’ve all but forgotten about the plight of the Tibetan people in favor of cheaper prices for flawed Chinese goods. How far beyond stupid is that?

The magnitude of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s posturing of economy over human rights is only beginning to show its ugly head. As you well know, it was her hopelessly corrupt husband Bill who gave American industries to China as well as widening the trade deficit. The media has failed to report what the indigenous populations of Haiti thought when Bill and the UN marched into their country with more World Trade rhetoric and 10 more international industries. The people likened this to “more sweat shops” since it was the textile industry that has encroached on this nation. Africa lay in ruins and the positive press from this beleaguered continent does not reflect the views of the vast majority of the populations. It’s all about the money and international corporate greed as natural resources are stolen.

Barrick Gold, with their personal army, murders African citizens with the blessings of corporations and the tin horn dictators with barely a peep from the press. With good reason too, Barrick is one of the largest contributors of Bill Clinton’s “non profit” organization. It is money laundering at its best. Ironically Barrick has laid siege in both North and South America through it’s subsidiaries as well. Other mining interest have followed suite as Indigenous people throughout Central and South America are murdered in secrecy to steal their tribal land. With the mainstream media owned part and parcel by international corporations it is obvious all of mankind is under siege as a hand full of criminals colonize the planet through the corrupt politicians they have purchased around the world.

We made our bed and now we will lay in the cesspool of international corporate greed. Our ambivalence to the cries of the people of Burma will be rewarded since we failed to stop the spread of the Swine Shwe Flu in Asia. Sadly and most predictably we’ve planted the seed of war around the world and this will also come to pass as pandemonium spreads across the globe. What international corporations thought was a fat hog to slice will be a Pandora’s Box they never bargained for. Cutting off the nose to spite their face or simply biting of the hand of the ones who fed them, corporatists languish in the lap of luxury but will discover their axiom of greed was woefully miscalculated. Factors in their equation that have been forgotten or ignored will come back to haunt them as the dark side of the Swine Shwe Flu takes its toll.

Room at the top of this elaborate pyramid scheme will be scarce as the true culprits rise above all their one time allies and partners in crime. And it will be the in fighting of the greedy that will ultimately be their demise. There is no room at the top for everyone who has sold their nations for the corporate dollar as the betrayers become the betrayed. A kingdom founded on lies will perish from the very lies they fostered but nature will have the final say in this equation. There is no dollar figure that will stop the wave of disasters that have already begun across the globe. Money will become worthless as economies falter in the wake of these crumbling empires and this will occur in a matter of days according to visions. We will soon reach the pinnacle of greed via a new world order as mankind arrives at the gates of tyranny.  

Enter the intangible aspects of life modern man has ignored and you will soon discover these intangible factors will far outweigh what we thought was important. The corporate bottom line will be replaced with the need to find drinking water, sustenance and shelter. Like the thieves in the night nature is already counting coup while politicians and corporatists find a way to glean a handsome profit by pending natural disasters. Nothing man can muster will alter the course of nature’s wrath. It is simply stupid to consider that buying “carbon credits” will save anything in nature but it will assist in someone’s corporate bottom line. How can mankind buy their way into environmental solvency in the first place? Please explain the science of moving pollution to third world nations. Aren’t we still on the same planet? What is gained by this other than finding cheaper labor with no environmental restrictions? We are still polluting the Earth and that is the bottom line. In any event, it will be nature that will have the final say in the destiny of mankind and that was prophecies by the survivors of the last Ice Age thousands of years ago. Like the old ones say, “The greedy will die of starvation in their sleep while using a sack of pinto beans as a pillow”

The latest plague to hit the planet is the Swine Shwe Flu. This will be the death nil of the contemporary era for there is no cure other than death.

* http://www.irrawaddy.org/highlight.php?art_id=17220

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The Two Faces of Burma and Globalization

China's Postergirl
China’s Postergirl

The release of over 7,000 prisoners within Burma’s Gulag system was welcome news. The release of over 200 political prisoners was also welcome news. If only Than Shwe would have released the rest of the political prisoners, if only he released Daw Aung Suu Kyi. Then this would have truly been a humanitarian gesture. But sadly his actions are just a façade or smoke screen as his regime continues to rape and murder their way into the hearts of millions. The fact a U.S. citizen has been severely tortured for weeks while in captivity is proof that it’s business as usual in Burma. In recent years the regime has released thousands of prisoners with great fanfare while covertly increasing the political prisoner population. But for the few families whose loved ones were released this was an unexpected joy.

While politicians make the case for lifting sanctions in Burma and the presses goes wild with speculation and feel good prospects, a 14-year-old girl Ngwa Ma-le was raped and murdered by the Burmese police. Other girls escaped with their lives as Than Shwe’s thugs raped and murdered this *Lisu tribal girl. According to family members she was summons by phone by police who then raped and killed her. In classic Burmese Junta style innocent men were arrested and tortured to the point of death in an apparent smoke screen. Their objective was to cover up the actions of SGT. U Thein Myint and 7 other officers of the Mongkoe territorial police, the culprits in this barbaric and senseless murder.

Though the U.S. State Department is tight lipped about the U.S. Citizen held captive for three weeks. It has already been confirmed Kyaw Zaw Lwin, (a card carrying American Citizen) had been severely beaten and tortured by the junta. Where is Senator Jim Webb or Bill Clinton now? It is obvious the corporate controlled media has been mum about Burma’s atrocitous realities. After all if we follow the money we would discover they are invested in Burma through their parent companies and some point.

There is no mention of the on going campaign of Burmanization and the ethnic wars that have broken out along Burma’s borders. China has failed to show face in dealing with the junta. Their words were just as hollow as the impotent threats from both the UN and the West. The siege of the Karen, Kokang, Kachin and a host of other ethnic minorities has gone unabated as world leaders scramble to find a lucrative solution.

The United Nations has proven to be nothing more than an extension of the international corporate agenda. Focusing on disarming and stripping the free world of industry and sovereignty, the UN has ignored environmental and human rights issues in Asia. The United Nations has become an extension of the World Trade Organization and they purport the cause of globalization. As we all should know by now, globalization is colonization on a grand scale. It’s the international take over of all nations by corporations and forming the “One World Order”. Like it or not, or believe it or not, the one world order has landed and Than Shwe’s regime of Burma is only a microcosm of what is in store for the rest of the globe when globalization has been completed. Soon tyranny will not only be “way over there in Asia”, it will be in Yonkers, Los Angeles and London and you will be asleep at the wheel.

It’s all about the money Paisan, it’s all about the money. With Hillary Clinton, “China’s Premier Ambassador”, making key economical decisions behind closed doors with the axiom of “Economics over Humanity”, Gulags and slave labor will be an excepted practice. Healthy political prisoners will be prized for hard labor and organ harvest like in the case of China where **Falun Gong and other free thinkers are used like cattle. Small wonder Wal-Mart and other U.S. based corporations have capitalized on China’s lack of labor and environmental mandates. Burma will be the next “acceptable” gulag system as the trend towards material and natural resource lusting continues. This trend will undoubtedly plunge Asia into a new era of global colonization and it is all for the corporate bottom line.

Its history repeating itself since this is not a new trend, just ask a Cheyenne or Sioux. Killing and conquest for monetary gain has been here for several millennia only proving one thing, mankind got it all wrong. The line was drawn in the sand, materialism on one side and humanity on the other. The line was then obscured by the use of religion, race and economical concerns. Fortunately, natural events will soon crush the cause of corporate greed, not only in Asia but around the fetid corporate world. And if humanity is plunged back into the Stone Age it will be a good thing since there is nothing “civil” about a society that placed corporate needs before humanity.

* http://www.kachinnews.com/index.php/news/1110-teenage-lisu-girl-gang-raped-and-murdered-by-burmese-policemen.html

** http://www.faluninfo.net/article/834/?cid=84

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What the World Continues to Forget

Aung San Suu Kyi

Daw Aung Suu Kyi of Burma is not looking to be rescued and liberated from bondage contrary to the well meaning world. If that were the case she would have been released from incarceration and shipped out of the country, never to return. She is standing for her nation and the thousands of political prisoners. Likened to the woefully misguided John William Yettaw, the world press is filled with rhetoric and inadvertently promoting the sham 2010 election. The notion Burma’s proposed election is anywhere near legal is totally incorrect at the very least and contrary to international law, plain and simple.

The criminal regime of Gen. Than Shwe’s regime does not fall into any category within the context of legitimate nations by any means. It’s merely a band of thugs who’ve made a mockery of international law in the face of an impotent world. To hear world leaders continue to ask for Aung San Suu Kyi’s release so the bogus election can continue with legitimacy is nothing more than a contradiction. Part and parcel the world has become unwitting participants in human rights violations and genocide. Than Shwe has increased his campaign of Burmanization (rape) and ethnic cleansing as world leaders make lofty speeches. In essence the world has bought the critical time Than Shwe needed to advance his agenda of arrests and murder of the opposition while pushing to legitimizing his criminal regime.

There is no constitution in Burma. The constitutional referendum of 2008 was coerced and extorted into existence by the regime and was not the will of the people. But so was the election of 1990 where Daw Aung Suu Kyi was duly elected by the people of Burma. That’s when the world should have stepped up to the plate. Now she faces further jail time from trumped up charges and as usual the world does nothing. Murder and rape prevail as human rights violations reach astronomical proportions and the United Nations sends out letters of sanction and dismay. Ban Ki-moon claims to be a man of action yet he does nothing. And to think the US gives tax payer dollars to this organization.

Hillary Clinton, China’s poster girl,  rambles with useless rhetorical speeches to North Korea offering gifts while making feel good gestures to Burma proving how inert she is when faced with China’s criminal friends. Fearful of damaging both her and her husband’s lucrative partnership with China she’s proven beyond a shadow of a doubt how useless she actually is. Her lists of failures are on every continent except Antarctica and Asia tops the list. What is so hard about recognizing the voice of the people and an election that made history? Sadly American politicians have succumbed to deafness from the voice of the people as well.

We’ve come full circle with debates about the criminality of Burma’s regime and rambled ad nauseum. We’ve read volumes and listened to eye witnesses about atrocities and blatant crimes against humanity. Yet we sit by in another cycle of inaction as we pander to China who is also wrapped up in crimes against humanity with the Falun Gong, the Uyghur People, Tibetans and a myriad of other groups. Guess it’s more important that we continue to purchase substandard goods from China to the joy of international corporations and the World Trade Organization. We’ve compromised our ethics and have turned our backs on staunch allies who’ve saved English and American lives as is the case with Burma, remember WWII?

It would be poetic justice the world faces a financial disaster of epic proportions if it were not for the fact the perpetrators of this disaster will not be phased. After all they got bail-outs to cushion their fall. With American and international corporations heavily vested in Burma its not hard to see that profits and natural resources are the priority and humanity is nothing more than a word. Guess sanctions only apply to some corporations eh. One day Burma will rise from the ashes of tyranny and the people of Burma will remember the shame the world shares from their ambivalence. What comes around goes around home-boy and our complacent stance with Burma’s democracy will be the death nil of ours as well.

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