Politically Motivated Imbeciles of the University of New Hampshire Offers Bias Filled ‘Bias Free’ Language Guide; Says Words Like“Rich” And “American” Are Offensive – And This is a Place of Higher Learning?? High on What!?!

Obama Strikes Again

After blowing trillions of taxpayer dollars behind closed doors while selling our democracy Obama had a lot of nerve to lecture people on the evils of spending. If ole mommy pants did not dish out enough blarney he then tossed a jab at the *City of Las Vegas Nevada, again. Like a pot calling the kettle black this president proved once again that if he lie’s long enough people will begin to think he is thrifty. Nothing could be further than the truth. Obama, your un-American is showing, again.

With stimulus packages lining the pockets of China and other nations this guy has a lot of nerve lashing out at a community that is as American as apple pie. But what do you expect from a president that has turned treason into a fashion statement and totally disregards the Constitution of the United States of America? It would appear that anything inherently American should be disrespected and dissolved in favor of non American entities. Possibly he would rather bolster China or Indian tourist trade as well since he has done everything AGAINST American enterprises and industries in favor of foreign countries.

But what is most infuriating about this attack on Vegas is the fact he is talking out of both sides of his double speaking mouth. His runaway spending spree while padding the pockets of cronies and countries who don’t like us will lead us into a financial cataclysm. Nancy Pelosi’s $120,000 junket to Copenhagen exposed the true nature of this double standard administration. It also showed the total disregard this president has for America and her people by this assault on an American Icon such as Las Vegas Nevada. Shame on you mommy pants. No wonder you will be remembered as the worst president in US history beating out Jimmy Carter.

* http://www.lasvegasnow.com/Global/story.asp?S=11922024

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