Hong Kong Bus Crash, 18 Dead【意外直擊】大埔道松仔園有雙層巴士翻側 消防處出動大量消防員進行營救 Part 2

Amateur Hour At Taxpayers Expence: New TSA Chief Aims To Tighten U.S. Airline Screening with His Army of Incompetent Personnel with a 95% Failure Rate – Give Security To The Coastguard – They ARE Professional

Visions From The Missions, An Orphans Tale

a1Recently I took my 88 year old mother, Romana, on a ‘Bucket List Journey’ after she recovered from kidney failure. Prior to her remarkable recovery she resigned herself to the fact she would never be able to travel ever again. The Scotsman (her husband) died while she was infirmed adding to her torment since they used to travel the world together. She wanted to see Texas one last time. So we packed our bags and headed to the Long Star State, Yee Haw.

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