2016 Presidential Campaign Poster That Speaks The Truth

2016 prez

Unfortunately the Corporate Owned Media only promotes their shill candidates while ignoring a field of better qualified candidates. Rigging Elections Goes Stellar.

And You’re Asleep At The Wheel

Burma: Junta Poodle and Crypto-Zionist President Thein Sein Urges Citizens To Exercise Right To Vote – Then Don’t Rig and Intimidate Voters This Time Stupid – 2010 Election Was A Sham

Burma’s Junta Lies Again: Free & Safe Journalism: Promoting Media’s Role In Covering Elections – All Bullshit, Tell That To The Multitude Journalist That Are Already in Prisons

Zionist Poodle Thein Sein to Attend World Anti-Facist War Anniversary in China – Surely You Remember Shwe, Sein and Other Junta Sewage Idealizing Hitler and Gobbels, Not So Long Ago EH!