Egyptian Cries and Western Lies

It really is quite embarrassing to listen to some of the western news  pundits as they describe the Muslim Brotherhood in such horrific and blood curdling terms. I’ve been monitoring the Egyptian media and other resources and found this all to be a gross misconception or fabrication at best. It is obvious the western media is doing the bidding for their parent corporations who are invested in Mubarak’s treasonous regime. With Mubarak’s propaganda machine busily trying to paint the face of Jihad on anyone who opposes him including the Muslim Brotherhood it’s interesting to know that Hosni has the US media in his pocket. After all, Hosni Mubarak courted New World Order scammers who’ve also sold their countries to corporations. And there is no question the parent companies of the major news outlets in the USA are owned by such corporatist vermin.

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