Burma’s Sham Election Spurs Outrage Across the Globe

Photo by Aung Myo Win

From Tokyo Japan to the streets of New York City Political Exiles, Refugees and supporters have staged major protests against Burma’s Sham Election. Already, reports are coming in verifying the fact the junta has resorted to intimidation to coerce voters to vote for one of the many junta supported political parties. Ethnic groups as well as some political parties have been excluded from the whole process. The basic theme for this election is really quite simple, ‘Vote Junta or Pay the Price’. In fact may people have been secretly murdered or placed in irons to keep their influence from tainting an already fixed election. And all the while, the true leader of Burma, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi remains in irons along with thousands of political prisoners.

photo by Aung Myo Win


Thuggery at its best as criminal dictator Gen. Than Shwe’s lackeys continue to coerce and threaten people with dire consequences if they dare to oppose the bogus political parties Than Shwe installed for this rigged election. There will be no winners whence this election is over other than the vermin Than Shwe hand selected to take the reigns when he retires. Just remember, Than Shwe retired his top generals to form sham political parties prior to this crap sandwich of an election. With the aid of a hopelessly flawed revised constitution he has forced an election on the people of Burma only to make Burma appear legitimate. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth. This whole process is a bold faced lie, plain and simple.

Kabuki at its best therefore Than Shwe should win an Academy Award for this orchestrated theatrical production called ‘The 2010 election’ and it should be categorized under Horror. The dark side to this election is the fact blood will flow in secret for those who dared to oppose him in earnest while the frauds continue to walk the streets. Now if you will excuse me, I have to get some more popcorn because the show is not over yet.

Your Devil’s Advocate


Worldwide Participation to Say NO to Burma’s Sham Election

I am forwarding this appeal to the world from Aung Myo Win, Member of Burma Campaign and a Burmese Patriot to halt the bogus election scam being perpetrated by criminal dictator Gen. Than Shwe of Burma. The election is a fraud and a bold faced lie based on a bogus document that was also forced on the belieguresd people of Burma in 2008, The New Constitution.  As of this writing Than Shwe is excluding various ethnic groups, threatening the people at gun point and murdering those who would vote against the thugs he has in place to ‘take over control’ of Burma. Just remember that Than Shwe ‘retired’ a host of his key generals so they could form political parties and sham candidates in this scam to make Burma look legitimate.

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is the true leader of Burma, no one else!



Please take this pledge to call at least 5 friends in Burma not to vote.


2010 Elections in Burma are fully rehearsed to legitimise military rule in Burma. The 2008 constitution said it does not guarantee the protection of the rights of Ethnic Peoples, nor Human Rights, nor democratic principles, and so it will not aid the construction of a peaceful democratic nation. The election laws are unfair and unjust.

It is important to tell people of Burma not to go out to vote. The electorate of Burma have the right NOT to vote in the election.

“People have the right to vote as well as the right not to vote.” “Coercing people to vote by force is against the law.” “If people do not want to vote because they cannot see the NLD on the ballot paper and so are not able to vote for this party, then they should not vote.” Q+A Who should I call? At least 5 of anyone you know in Burma.

What if I don’t have any friends in Burma?

Call someone random you can find from following listing websites.

1. http://www.myanmar-yellowpages.com/

2. http://www.myanmaryellowpages.biz/

NOTE: Please be aware of the time difference. If you are calling from aboard, November 7th in Burma will be November 6th in the East, such as USA, UK, Canada, etc.

LEARN more on Burma’s Elections HRW’s comprehensive Q&A on Elections in Burma:  http://ow.ly/34NAv

Election Day Blues for Burma

As we mull over the election results in the United States we should feel fortunate regardless of the results. Sure your guy or gal may or may not have won but you don’t have to worry about incarceration or possibly death for not voting with government sponsored candidates like the people of Burma do. People have been secretly arrested, tortured and murdered in advance of Burma’s 2010 election. As of this writing villagers are poised to loose their homes and face jail if they vote against the junta. Some are being tortured to death as an example to those who might vote contrary to Gen. Than Shwe’s wishes. Sadly the legitimate opponents to Than Shwe’s candidates are marked for either jail time or death for their open stance against Than Shwe’s rule whence the election is over. They will simply disappear after all the commotion has died down. Then the USDP will come knocking on their doors. The only opposition parties that will remain on the streets will be the parties who were bogus from the start of Than Shwe’s theatrical performance, I mean election.

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Burma’s New Flag

Than Shwe is at it again boys and girls. It’s bad enough he and his criminal regime continue to rape and murder their own people. The Sham Election of 2010 is an international farce that is not fooling anyone. Sadly many people have died or simply disappeared in order to make sure his election goes as planned or should I say, rigged? Than Shwe and his merry band of criminals continue to face a wide range of charges including international money laundering for hopelessly corrupt industries working within Burma. Then there is the troubling matter of crimes against humanity since the junta is killing ethnic men, women and children throughout the jungles of Burma and Thailand.

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The good people at ALTSEAN-BURMA released a comprehensive report on the sham election the criminal regime of Burma is staging. Rather than reinvent the wheel I am reposting their information with links to the complete report. The reality of Burma’s plight is really quite simple since there is no government, just a band of criminals who are trying to appear legitimate with this sham election. On the contrary, Burma has already had an election and the people voted for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in 1990. The cowardly Drug Dealer Than Shwe refused to recognize the election and has arrested and murdered anyone who opposed his criminal reign. Aung San Suu Kyi has spent most of  the last 20 years in bondage for the crime of winning the election in a landslide victory. The people of Burma spoke but Than Shwe and the world were not listening.

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Suu Kyi says Nyet to Bogus Election

The true leader of Burma, *Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, adamantly refused to vote in General Than Shwe’s sham election. After all, she was duly elected by the people of Burma in 1990 in an election Gen. Than Shwe sponsored and lost dismally. Than Shwe dishonored himself and the people of Burma by not recognizing the result. In a cowardly act of defiance he kept Suu Kyi in bondage for almost 20 years. His assassination attempt failed of course but only magnified exactly how much of a coward he truly his.

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Burma’s Bogus Election of 2010

You have to wonder if Than Shwe is just plain stupid or he is acting out with arrogance and his mindless ego. I venture to say it’s a little bit of both since he is wasting millions of donated dollars and other emergency aid monies on promoting and implementing an election that fools no one on this planet. Even a blind man can see that Than Shwe and his election are as phony as his criminal regime. Shwe is not the leader of Burma. He never was and never will grace the title of leader. The term scum bag is more appropriate. This election is nothing more than a B Rated second rate production with poor acting and a pointless script. Than Shwe inadvertently showcased to the world exactly how corrupt he and his thugs really are.

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101 Ways to Prepare Long Pork

With food shortages and famine encroaching on civilization it should come as no surprise that alternative food sources will gain more popularity as necessity dictates. The ‘junk’ fish people use to discard will find its way onto the frying pan by thankful and starving anglers in the near future. Bones will become the mainstay rather than Fido’s Scooby Treats; hmm Fido will look pretty tasty as well. The 3-Day Chicken will become commonplace once again provided there are chickens. But when things get dicey and sustenance becomes nonexistent, for a host of catastrophic reasons, the dead guy lying next to you may very well hold the key to your existence. Welcome to the dark side of survival, where a person is forced to lift a fork and consume a fellow human being in the age old culinary adventure called cannibalism. Guess a person could use chop sticks or a piece of fry bread if they chose to.

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Burma: Than Shwe’s New Election Rigging Force

Like a dark comedy Than Shwe has turned the Union Solidarity Development Association into a political party, the *Union Solidarity Development Party. They will maintain the power to rape, plunder and murder the opposition and those who don’t vote “their” way. The USDP will also enjoy a host of other crimes against humanity the disbanded USDA enjoyed while being Than Shwe’s henchmen. So for the former USDA members there will be few changes other then the additional duty of forcing people to vote for them and all junta backed parties including the bogus National Democratic Force. Ah yes, ballot rigging at its best and the fun has only just begun. Than Shwe plans to send 100,000 Burman to Kachin State to “influence” the election results as well as promote his mandate of Burmanization. (The elimination of ethnic minorities through rape and murder)

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I Stand with Suu Kyi. You’re Either With Us or Against Us

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi made it very clear that we should not honor nor participate in the sham 2010 election of Than Shwe’s. After all, she is the true leader of Burma, not that treasonous National Democratic Force or did some of you already forget that part? She has sacrificed her life for Burma rotting away under lock and key while others second guessed her decision to boycott the bogus election. The morons of ASEAN continue to ramble about the hope of a free and fair election and it makes me sick. Where were those butthead’s when Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was duly elected in 1990 with better than 80% of the peoples vote? An election Than Shwe sponsored by the way.

One day things will change in Burma and there is nothing Than Shwe can do about it for it’s his destiny. When that day comes to pass I will be the first to publish the names of all the countries and corporations who financed Than Shwe and his merry band of drug addicts and child molesters. It will be justice served since secret supporters of Than Shwe on every country on the planet will share the shame and public outrage. From oil companies to car manufacturers Than Shwe has laundered trillions of dollars to hide their total profits. And that will raise a few eye brows as well. The fetid scum does not stop at the city limits Naypyidaw either for the vermin that garners ill gotten gains from Burma is also on the A-List in elite society. When the time of change is complete they will have to face the music from their reprehensible conduct as well. Call it retribution if you like but I always say, “What comes around goes around” and their judgment day is just around the corner.

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Than Shwe’s Election Plan Exposes Rats within the NLD

There is no question the proposed election of 2010 is a total fraud. Than Shwe has already made plans for after the election proving beyond a shadow of a doubt the election is rigged. Generals “retired” and formed political parties to participate in the bogus election while the Union Solidarity Development Association was conveniently converted into the Union Solidarity Development PARTY. Hmm, hopefully you see the charade that is being perpetrated right before your very eyes. Other real political parties that could have disrupted Than Shwe’s rigged election plans were rejected while keeping the ones he is secretly financing.

There is a sliver lining to this in a darkly humorous way though. The formation of the National Democratic Force almost from the second the National League for Democracy was “disbanded” revealed the moles or spies that were within the NLD and there is no question they were the eyes of Than Shwe all along. Small wonder Than Shwe had an almost immediate response to carefully calculated plans by the NLD and Aung San Suu Kyi because he knew about them all along. Chances are these Shwe puppets influenced the NLD’s activities as prescribed by Than Shwe himself. In essence they are responsible for the murderers of countless loyalists and soldiers of Burma’s democratic movement.

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Another Omen for Than Ratboy Shwe

Predictably the news out of Burma has been a myriad of stories about how Than Shwe has selected the so called opposing parties to participate in his bogus 2010 Election scam. Through his minions he has hand selected political parties that would participate in his charade while quietly rejecting actual parties who would pose a threat to his rigged election. But in the grad scheme of things Than Shwe has fooled no one on the planet, only himself for his 2010 election is nothing more than fraud. Doling out Burma’s national assets to his “retired” generals has only exacerbated the crises in Burma so nothing is new. It’s the same ole shell game as usual.

On the other hand it has been known for quite some time that Than Shwe would ultimately fail and fail big time. Though man has tried to alter the course of Burma’s fetid destiny as prescribed by Than “Ratboy” Shwe it has already been prophesized that his regime would be stopped by the forces of nature and spirits from the other side. The list of bad omens already preceded Than Shwe and his bloody Midas touch as temples collapsed and people died in his scurrilous events and celebrations. Being ousted from the Buddhist faith was the crème de la crème in a downward spiral into the darkness of his personal destiny. Soon news of rats evacuating *Naypyidaw came as no surprise. And what an omen it is. Imagine, even the rats left Than Shwe’s kingdom of death and deception. Apparently even the rats have standards higher than Than Shwe.

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Burma: US Official P J Crowley, Open Mouth Insert Foot.

You have to wonder where this and other US political officials get their intelligence reports since it is obvious their sources are either woefully misinformed or are working directly for the junta. It is common knowledge Burma’s generals are under orders to fake retirement in order to play the 2010 Election charade in an attempt to legitimize the criminal regime of Than Shwe. Where were these politicians in 1990 when a landslide victory by the opposition elected Daw Aung San Suu Kyi? Why all of a sudden do these misinformed politicians want to open their mouths without knowing or caring for the real facts? How far beyond stupid is that?

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Junta Offers Reward for Bomb Blasts They Committed

In another act of stupidity the junta has offered *$5 million Kyat, land and a cell phone for information about the Myitsone Dam Project bomb blasts.This is only a smoke screen since they committed this crime in an effort to cast blame on others. In the process the junta took the time to side step ceasefire rules to arrest KIO members accusing them of this carefully calculated fraud Than Shwe devised. There is no question there will be other arrests and it will most likely be members of the cease fire groups who’ve refused to become slaves in Shwe’s bogus “Border Guard Farce” and pro democracy advocates.

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Burma Spiraling Out Of Control

News about hundreds of *Democratic Karen Buddhist Army soldiers breaking ranks to rejoin their countrymen must have sent chills down General Than Shwe’s spine. This is only the tip of the ice berg since troops from all quarters are sickened by what they have witnesses. As prophesized a wave of conscience is sweeping through the ranks as soldiers come to the realization of what they’ve become, enemies of their own people. Thousands of Chinese Troops bearing sophisticated weaponry have come to reinforce the already present Red Army along the border. Powerless to stop this trend Than Shwe can only sit by and watch as his day of reckoning draws closer and closer.

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Mecchadihtti Than Shwe Curse, Dead Man Walking

With Than Shwe’s astrologer working overtime it is obvious General Than Shwe is nervous about what lay in store for him and his criminal regime. His fate is already carved in stone and it is only a matter of time before the tyrannical dictator of Burma falls. With all those shiny medals on his chest and all the US currency stashed in his secret bunker Burma’s Man of Lies is nothing within the realm of the spirit world. In fact he is regarded as a hopelessly puny man whose retched body would not satisfy the hunger of one of the many demons who await his arrival. Fortunately for the hungry demons Than Shwe has plenty of company to please the pallets of these eager spirits on the other side.

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Than Shwe Dynasty Collapsing, From Within

With the majority of the Tatmadaw sickened by the criminal regime of Burma it is clear they vastly outnumber Than Shwe’s criminal ruling class. The regime came full circle and has begun to feed on their own. Members of Than Shwe’s loyal inner circle are making false claims against fellow generals and commanders in an effort to garner favor and a piece of Burma’s assets. Sadly for Than Shwe, even within his inner circle there is division with people waiting for him to die. With trust and loyalty relegated to an absolute minority of the military it is obvious they are totally outnumbered. The complete collapse of the Than Shwe dynasty would have the unbridled support of both the people of Burma and 90% of the military.

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Than Shwe Blames Others in Bombing but Fools No One.

Likened to leaving your drivers license and identification card at a crime scene Gen. Than Shwe’s goons used military ordinance to bomb and kill civilians at the Myitsone dam project and during the Thingyan Celebration. Than Shwe’s flagrant attempt to taint the relationship between the Kachin and Chinese backfired and only intensified the bond between the two. Revenge for not attending the junta sponsored celebration was the normal kneejerk response the junta was infamous for. If it were not for the shameful loss of life these events would be a hilarious misadventures featured on “America’s Dumbest Criminals”. Now you can add buffoonery to the list of antics perpetrated by these lackluster criminals of South Asia. Like they say, “Stupid is as stupid does”

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Message to Than Shwe, “NO NO, I Mean Hell NO!!”

Take your Border Guard Force initiative and stuff it where the sun don’t shine Gen. Than Shwe. Clearly, the *Kachin, Wa and Mon ethnic groups rejected Than Shwe’s bogus BGF directive and are preparing for the predictable backlash for standing their ground. War is in the air since the Burmese Army was already stock piling arms and a host of biological and chemical weapons “just in case” these ethnic groups did not toe Than Shwe’s fetid line.

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Than Shwe’s Gift to His Family

Gen. Than Shwe of Burma has made many enemies throughout his Tatmadaw. Many of his generals already have an ax to grind with his family whence he dies. Years and years of playing favorites at the expense of his loyal followers, especially his generals, will soon reap a bitter harvest and he is powerless to stop it. There is no turning back the clock since Than Shwe has murdered some of his most staunch supporters over the years. His paranoia and misguided astrologers pointed accusing fingers placing some generals in prison while others died of mysterious illnesses.

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NLD Has Nothing to Apologize For

In a *statement the National League for Democracy apologized for a failed struggle for a Democratic Burma but in fact it was the NLD and the democratic movement that was betrayed by the world. The reality that many nations were heavily invested in Burma in spite of sanctions paints a very different picture. Fact is it paints a portrait deception, greed and betrayal.

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NLD Say’s Nyet to Than Shwe’s Bogus Election.

With Gen. Than Shwe’s election law’s out in the open it is clear he wrote this garbage solely for the purpose of disallowing Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and anyone else who could spell Democracy from participating in this sham election. The whole world knows how worthless Than Shwe’s literary achievements are including his ever so stupid Constitution of 2008. So what’s the point of an election anyway Uncle Than? Small wonder the *NLD said no way to the election.

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Is Burma at Destiny’s Door Step?

Without a doubt Than Shwe’s election laws are as convoluted and shamelessly bias towards the junta as the Constitution and the 2010 election itself. The Burmese people are in a no win situation. The election laws clearly favor Shwe cronies and conveniently retired generals. Effectively, *the new fees to participate in a bid for political office will be more costly to the chagrin of cash strapped organizations. The junta has made life an act of survival for members of the opposition party as well. Relatives are forced to denounce their own family members or face the loss of employment and literally be starved to death. Fear of being arrested and tortured for even knowing pro democracy advocates has become pandemic throughout the country as the Tatmadaw spins a web of fear around its own people.

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Widespread Disdain for Than Shwe’s Election Law

News of Gen.Than Shwe’s election laws was the final nail on the coffin and the death nil of Burma ever seeing reform. Throughout the country a feeling of dread and disgust was the predictable response whence Than Shwe dumped his election laws on the public. Likened to a police action this new wave of self serving laws made it all but impossible for a truly open election to occur. Reconciliation and its prospects are all but gone with this latest decree from the criminal called Than Shwe for he has planted the seed of revolution in the hearts of millions throughout the country.

More like a dooms day referendum this bogus document outlaws or severely restricts any and all opposition from doing anything that might disrupt Than Shwe’s post elections plans. Excluding candidates, outlawing ethnic groups and a host of other blatant ballot rigging ploys are what make up this piece of garbage called the Election Law. Rumor Than Shwe is suffering mental illness from advanced stages of syphilis have gained credibility since only a mad man would try to pull off such an act of tyranny with this election scam.

International corporations who are vested in Burma are guilty of financing Than Shwe’s latest act of tyranny, there is no question. Corporate heads should be held accountable as well and face a proposed *War Crimes Tribunal since they have continually side stepped world wide sanctions, no thanks to Ban “Corruption” Ki-Moon. It is these very corporations who are pocketing trillions of dollars through the elaborate money laundering scheme of Swift Financial Group of Belgium. It is with the help of the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization that Than Shwe’s tyranny can fund genocide. Their back door operations within Burma have provided a gold mine for corrupt international corporations to glean under the table riches. The IMF and the WTO have become notorious for quietly extorting or bribing third world leaders into joining their Globalization goals at the expense of their citizens. I have interviewed several third world government officials who’ve faced off with these thugs in the past and it is clear the IMF/WTO engage in extortion to gain conscripts.

Corruption is the signature or calling card of the latest scam called Globalization and Burma is a classic example of its final outcome and the IMF/WTO are the masterminds of such tyranny. Outwardly they protest the likes of Than Shwe but in the back door they reap trillions of dollars while stripping nations dry of natural resources and should be held accountable as well. World leaders who march forward with the concept of globalization must be held accountable since they are fanning the flames of tyranny not only in Burma but throughout the third world.

The secret partnership with leaders of the free world and their corporate sponsors has festered into a cancer infesting the world with another bogus doctrine called the New World Order. Burma is reflective of the corporate tyranny Darfur and other places on earth were corporations have converged on third world nations to rob them of natural resources. In order to combat such tyranny the people of the world must stop supporting these corporations for they are only a hand full of people who want to control the planet economically.

With public awareness at an all time high China has everything to loose as consumers from around the world watch for their response to Burma’s plight. The continued enslavement of Tibet has become a lightening rod for consumers as they shop for goods around the planet and Burma has now become a real issue. Chinas response to the plight of the people of Burma will weigh heavily on consumers as the purchasing public watches. Sadly China like so many other nations is wracked with corruption within its own government as corporations bribe their leadership to turn a deaf ear on their exploits.

Than Shwe’s elaborate scheme to legitimize his illegal insurgency of Burma has also become a lightening rod. If people were to connect the dots they would discover the IMF/WTO is the cancer that has infected the globe with their international monetary takeover of the planet. Greece is a classic example of *Disaster Capitalism since her economy was completely destroyed only to pave the way for a “Global” solution. But the real prize is Burma since she is loaded with natural resources and the IMF/WTO wants to legitimize their members before the New World Order is finalized.

It would appear the one shining light within the sewage of the United Nations leadership is The United Nations Special Rapporteur on human rights is Tomás Ojea Quintana. At the very least he has taken a stand against Than Shwe and his bogus election. Others simply ignore the cries from within Burma. His proposal of an International Tribunal on War Crimes in Burma was commendable and at this juncture is the only hope for the citizens of Burma.

It is time to arrest Than Shwe and his motley crew of criminals for they do not speak for the people of Burma, they represent corporations. It is also time to arrest corporate CEO’s who have profiteered on the bones of an enslaved nation. Only then will we eliminate tyranny in Burma. Also, we will begin the process of eliminating global tyranny masked as Globalization since the players are the same band of corporate thugs who finance genocide in Burma. Pascal Lamy of the WTO should do his time in Soledad Prison located in Central California for his part in this globalization scam. It would serve him right to be someone’s “soul mate” for the rest of his morally bankrupt life for what his organization has financed around the world.

Than Shwe’s election law is nothing more than Ox dung, Burma’s version of a “Crap Sandwich”.

* http://www.irrawaddy.org/article.php?art_id=18013

Your Devil’s Advocate


Is the DKBA Evolving?

The stunning move by the *Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) to reverse their decision to be Than Shwe’s Border Guard Force (BGF) has offered a glimmer of hope for the beleaguered Karen people. This courageous move by the DKBA to defy Than Shwe is evidence this ceasefire group may not be as reprehensible as once perceived. Granted, crimes against innocent people have been committed by some elements of the DKBA but this revelation shows there is a moral side to this organization. It was known than many DKBA and KIA soldiers had mixed opinions about killing their own

The Venerable Ashin Thuzana, spiritual leader of the DKBA, voiced his opposition to Than Shwe’s BGF. With this statement it would appear that Buddhism may have arisen from its darkest hour as this courageous abbot stood by the tenets of Buddhism. In turn, the DKBA stood by their spiritual leader in this hotly controversial decision.  According to the Irrawaddy one DKBA official was quoted as saying;

“We don’t agree to the plan because our monk doesn’t accept it.”

This quote said volumes about the DKBA in light of all the negative press about them in the past. From human trafficking to drug manufacturing the DKBA has been accused of some of the most heinous crimes against humanity. The death of a 17 year old boy at a border crossing still resonates within the refugee communities along the border. Does this revelation show that there still is honor within the DKBA? Time will be the task master and hopefully the DKBA can evolve past the sorted past perpetrated by some of their soldiers, provided the DKBA moves in a reconciliatory direction. But trust will be hard fought by the Internally Displaced People who fled for their lives from DKBA mortars and waltzed through mine fields to the safety of Thailand. Even in the most positive of scenarios villagers still bare the scars and mourn the loss of loved ones who succumbed during the DKBA’s bloody onslaughts of the past.

There is no question this turn of events will not bode well with the excommunicated thugs of Naypyidaw. Than Shwe’s perverted rendition of Buddhism has dishonored the faith on many plains. His continued assault and arrest of Buddhist monks has proven him to be a fraud and an enemy to true Buddhism. He has also shown that he is an enemy of the people and a traitor to Burma. Torture, rape and genocide will be Than Shwe’s legacy for millenniums to come. Small wonder he and his merry band of vermin were excommunicated from Buddhism. He might be able to lie his way around Burma and act out Buddhist traditions but in all reality he is a fetid reprehensible creature who taints every temple he and his filth steps into. Fortunately Than Shwe and his ilk will face their just rewards whence they crosses over to the afterlife.

The DKBA’s possible defection is only the tip of the iceberg since there is much dissention within the Tatmadaw and Than Shwe’s inner circle. Shwe has begun giving away national assets to select cronies while other generals observe with secret disdain. The abyss between Than Shwe’s elite class and the soldier has widened beyond the point of no return. Than Shwe will paint a picture of progress and harmony within his ranks but nothing could be further from the truth for his regime is a ticking time bomb. The media has long since lost its credibility with the people of Burma. Than Shwe only lies to himself and unwitting outside observers with his grandiose prevarications and bold faced lies. Thein Sein’s assault on **Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has only fortified the publics resolve for freedom. Sadly for Sein he is considered a babbling fool and mindless mouthpiece of Than Shwe by citizens from all ethnic groups and political persuasions.

News of the DKBA’s withdrawal from the bogus border guard force will most likely be withheld from the public but that’s business as usual in the land of lies. I can only hope the DBKA’s departure from Than Shwe’s Border Guard Force is legitimate and sincere. In earnest all Karen’s must be united as one people regardless of religion, custom, or clan if they ever hope to defeat Than Shwe. Ethnic alliances throughout Burma for a common cause will neutralize Than Shwe’s most powerful weapon, division. A multi cultural force united in the cause for freedom yet diverse and sovereign within their ethnic and religious protocols will be the formula for victory in Burma. If this is not accomplished now eventually Than Shwe will rid Burma of all ethnic minorities because this is his ultimate objective. It is time for the fighting peacock to awaken.

* http://www.irrawaddy.org/article.php?art_id=17885

** http://www.irrawaddy.org/article.php?art_id=17886

Your Devil’s Advocate


Burma 2008 Constitution Null and Void

It did not take a Rhodes Scholar to realize the pending 2010 election in Burma was going to be nothing more than a sham to sugar coat the morally bankrupt regime of Than Shwe. With his minions already buying and threatening the general public into voting “Junta” in the coming October 10 election it is clear nothing has or will change within the borders of Burma. The citizenry was forced to vote on another bogus election in 2008 ushering in a constitution that was not worthy of lining a cat box since it was filled with contradictions and rhetoric. The bottom line in the 2008 constitution was that the Tatmadaw maintained absolute control and the final say in all parliamentary proceedings. In essence nothing would change under the new constitution. The election of 2010 would share the same fate.

On January 26, 2010 Global Action for Burma (GAB) has declared the 2008 Constitution of Burma *Null and Void to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) sighting a host of discrepancies. Within this constitution the junta summarily gave themselves amnesty from prosecution for some of the most reprehensible crimes against humanity ever recorded in the modern era. Butchery, rape, torture and genocide were to be ignored under the terms of this fetid document. Surly this was not the will of the people since Gen. Than Shwe hurriedly announced the election during the chaotic aftermath of Cyclone Nargis. Reports of extortion using UN and other relief supplies as bargaining chips to the stricken was one way to coheres votes while others faced the end of a gun barrel. Many never received aid at all and untold thousands died of starvation and exposure. The constitution also paved the way for Than Shwe to attempt to legitimize his criminal regime with the election of 2010. This was critical for international corporations who continue to work in Burma. They are criminally culpable for violating sanctions with human rights violations of their own.

The outcome of the proposed election has already been predetermined by Gen. Than Shwe. From his own mouth he boasted of post election plans and objectives’ proving the election was rigged from the beginning just like the Constitutional Referendum. How far beyond stupid is that? Well, the free world was banking on a positive outcome and that was beyond stupid from a general perspective. The fact the people of Burma voted unanimously for the opposition in a land slide victory against Than Shwe’s regime in 1990 should have been recognized in the first place. Inadvertently governments of the free world empowered Than Shwe by enabling him to continue with his reign of brutality and death on his own people in spite of a legal election Than Shwe sponsored.

Maybe now the United Nations Security Council will recognize the need to nullify the criminally flawed constitution on the solid foundation of facts presented by the GAB. If not, the United Nations will continue to be a party to the genocide of innocent people by legitimizing a criminal regime. From my perspective UN Secretary General Ban ki-moon should recuse himself from any and all proceedings pertaining to issues involving Burma. He has continued to ignore his homeland South Koreas violation of UN sanctions during his tenure at the UN making him personally a part of the problem and not a part of the solution. His involvement with Hyundai and Daewoo reveals a much darker agenda that borders on criminal writhe with human rights violations of its own. It would appear the fox is watching the hen house in Southeast Asia. I pray that I am wrong.

* http://www.scribd.com/doc/25836300/Burma-United-Nations-Security-Council-UNSC-Must-Declare-Burmese-Junta%E2%80%99s-2008-Constitution-as-NULL-and-VOID

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Than Shwe Paints a Rosy Picture, In Human Blood

As the criminal regime of Burma continues to paint a picture of reform by addressing a host of human rights issues to the world one thing is for certain, it’s all a lie. Desperate to legitimize his criminal regime and election Than Shwe has begun a series of high profile government projects to stop the flow of drugs, human trafficking and child soldiers, just to name a few. On the outside this would appear all well and good if it were not for one thing, it’s all a lie.

Gen. Than Shwe has become as predictable as the rising sun in that it’s business as usual. Show the world the appearance of change while in the back ground he continues his onslaught of terror on ethnic minorities and opposition. In fact he has increased with great zeal his assault on opposition leaders as well as intensifies his program of eugenics. His drug making operations on the Indo/Burma border has increased 10 fold as he gathers funds to buy more weapons to kill citizens of Burma.

Human trafficking and child soldiers are on the increase as well as his program of Burmanization or government condoned rape of ethnic women. Murders and disappearances have increased as he struggles to eliminate any true opposition before the Oct 10 election. By the droves, Karen villagers are fleeing for their lives in Pegu Division of Karen State as refuge centers continue to fill beyond capacity with Than Shwe’s human carnage.

Eye witness accountings of the horrific brutality being administered by Than Shwe’s thugs paint the true picture of his criminal regime and it’s painted in human blood. From disemboweling villagers who refuse to become slaves to mass raping of little girls Than Shwe and his Tatmadaw continue to do the things he claims to be stopping. Call it the bi-polar regime of double speak or bold face lies but reform is not in the cards for this reprehensible and putrefied regime. The international corporations and countries who continue to reap massive profits while laundering billions through Than Shwe’s elaborate financial network, (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, SWIFT), it’s business as usual. Don’t forget that Than Shwe gave false reports on his countries profits which in turn funneled billions in unreported profits into the pockets of corporate heads. And that’s the bottom line for it’s all about the money.

Small wonder the world is so impotent in responding to the cries of the people. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi would have continued to work with all these firms and countries whence she took office back in 1990 but it would have meant that graft would have come to a close for Chevron, Daewoo and a host of other corporations who’ve pocketed trillions from this elaborate money laundering scheme. But now that generals and people deep within his regime are spilling the beans there will be a lot of explaining to do when Than Shwe dies and there is nothing neither he nor these morally bankrupt corporations can do to stop it. Only then will true change occur and not a day earlier. On the bright side he is closer to death than people realize and his reward is waiting for him in the afterlife. There is justice.

For more information on who is who in the world of greed, money laundering and genocide read *Burma Campaign UK’s dirty list for detailed, addresses etc.

* http://www.burmacampaign.org.uk/index.php/burma/dirty-and-clean-list/dirty-list/contact-details

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Than Shwe’s Black List Grows

Though insiders close to Than Shwe are deeply aware of his growing “Black List” they may not be aware of Than Shwe’s “other” black list since he is spying on his spies as well as his most trusted confidants. The death sentences his kangaroo courts just mustered against two of his officers was a veiled threat and warning to the growing numbers of generals who are eager to see him dead. Sadly for Than Shwe he is only stirring the pot of his own destiny for he can’t alter the inevitable. He is going to die and all his detailed plans for after his demise will be summarily tossed out of the window.

He is well aware of the dissention in the Tatmadaw since he planted agents within the ranks to spy on his troops and generals. Quietly Than Shwe is maneuvering to oust other generals who could possibly pose a threat to his posthumous decrees. He has targeted his closest friends for observation including his cronies Tay Za since it was rumored Tay was bad mouthing the junta to business associates abroad.

Tay Za also stirred some very bad blood within the ranks of Than Shwe’s generals. No one is spared from his paranoid eye since he has reservations about his family relations. With the presents of another black book or two there is no question Than Shwe has everyone under surveillance and spying on each other. It’s actually kind of funny in a dark sort of way. Maybe Than Shwe had his pet poodle “Cynthia” tailed by his “special” agents. After all, a xenophobic murdering dictator can’t be too careful these days.

Than Shwe will continue to shuffle and reshuffle his cabinet up until the moment he dies or is murdered. Like an elaborate game of Russian Roulette each general will look down the gun barrel hoping for an empty chamber. Who will be next to face a death sentence? At least he will have his closest allies and generals waiting for him whence he arrives in the afterlife. Granted he had them killed in the first place. It is a guarantee that there is a multitude of angry spirits on the other side who purposely did not continue their journey just so they could personally thank him. Apparently the spirits of the people he murdered have a black list of their own and it is my guess Than Shwe is at the top. Imagine that.

I just love a happy ending.

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No Secret to Reconciliation

The ball is still in General Than Shwe’s court when it comes to beginning the process of reconciliation. The steps required have been well documented and the terms were quite simple according to the “Shwe-Gone-Daing” declaration;

 1. Release all political prisoners
2. Review the 2008 Constitution
3. Reopen NLD and ethnic nationalities offices
4. Recognize 1990 election result
5. Establish political dialogue

At the very minimum the release of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the political prisoners to establish a true dialogue would show that the junta was sincere. Anything short of this spells just another round of rhetoric and excuses from the regime. It would also mean the dialogue that has already transpired from world leaders was nothing more than feel good lip service buying critical time Than Shwe needed to pull off the bogus election in the first place. Is this all nothing but another elaborate scheme?

The notion the world is looking hopefully towards a positive outcome from the sham election indicates Than Shwe won the first critical battle in legitimizing his criminal regime. The world bought into the sham election, that is a given. In essence the world sided with Than Shwe in rejecting the will of the Burmese people by ignoring the election results of 1990, an election sponsored by Than Shwe yet not honored because he lost overwhelmingly.

The world as a whole has become enablers for a grotesquely barbaric criminal regime who continues to murder and rape its own citizens. With good reason since the world has blood on their hands as well. With major nations of the free would still vested in Burma the notion sanctions had a chance to succeed is simply preposterous. The United Nations has proven to be hopelessly corrupt with its merry band of thugs who pander to the whims of the World Trade Organization and Than Shwe. Ban Ki-moon and his Korean connection boasts about sanctions and types up letters of disdain yet his Korean business associates continue to prosper on the backs of an enslaved nation.

On a positive note *China did step up to the plate since China’s Vice President Xi Jinping was quoted telling Than Shwe China wanted “political stability, economic development and national reconciliation”. Further VP Xi Jinping stated;

“China believes the Myanmar side would settle the relevant problems through peaceful ways such as dialogues and consultation so as to guarantee the stability in its border area with China,”

That would be real spiffy if China is sincere.

Has China become an enabler for Than Shwe with critical lip service designed to show face to a world of consumers? After all, China’s Achilles Tendon is the international consumer for without them their economy would surely falter sending China spiraling downward. Their economy is much frailer than they allude to and internal strife is at the red dragon’s door step. China is also turning into a desert from mismanagement of its soil, another Achilles Tendon? With the consuming world more aware of China’s human rights violations their continued support for a wholesale butcher would be unlikely. China has become codependent and any disruption in commerce would be devastating.

The average consumer has become isolated from their leadership in a world that has begun colonizing via Globalization. Greed prevails where humanity once stood as profiteers find ways to skirt sanctions in Burma but it is still the consumer who holds the weapon of economic mass destruction, the all mighty dollar. As citizens of the world connect the dots and identify the common enemy, corrupt politicians, China will undoubtedly be in the crosshairs as well since jobs and industries were handed to China by these politicos to the chagrin of the consumers around the planet. The end result will be sanctions imposed by the consuming public crippling China’s once bustling economy since governments have done nothing. Awareness of China’s total disregard for human rights is growing at a lightening pace. Burma and Than Shwe inadvertently placed China and her secrets under the microscope for all to see and discern. If China were to broker true reconciliation and dialogue in earnest this would ease some of the pressure from the purchasing public. If China is playing a charade to assist Than Shwe the price will be paid at the check out counter, were the true economical battle is being fought. Just remember that every dollar not spent on Chinese goods by individuals will make a difference. This axiom will work on international corporations who also leech off the public.

With commercial properties pending foreclosure around the world the dynamic of this financial disaster will far out shadow the mortgage crisis, there is no question. The next financial disaster is looming just around the corner and this will be China’s death nil since it will be easy to write Chinese goods off for a host of valid reason. Burma will just be the last straw. If all the facts were known, China has caused great harm to Indigenous populations around the globe as it is. Thanks to Than Shwe China has become vulnerable since he opened the flood gates of public opinion and this will surely have negatively effect in China’s cash flow.

Small wonder VP Xi Jinping smacked Than Shwe up side the head and told him to get his act together. There is more at stake than Than Shwe’s xenophobic ego. Than Shwe’s actions will directly affect China’s booming yet frail economy. I’ve already excluded over $500 in Chinese and select Korean goods in one month. And it was not hard since I bought better quality merchandise though a bit more spendy but you get what you pay for eh. Others are following suite and soon there will be more as People Power Sanctions snowballs around the globe. Its all about the money and it is time to fight fire with fire. If China is not careful their goods will rot on shelves in every store on the Earth. And China will have General Than Shwe to thank for the notoriety.

* http://www.irrawaddy.org/article.php?art_id=17439

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Issues with Phyu Sayadaw Bhaddanta Narapati’s Death

With the increased secret arrests of Buddhists monks all over Burma I find it more than coincidental that a prominent monk ends up dead. This event raises my eyebrows to say the very least since assassination are commonplace and they come in a wide variety of sources including biological. Car wrecks, suicides, diseases of every sort and the tried and true “disappearances” go unchallenged. Families who make waves simply vanish, provided they are not well known.

Gen. Than Shwe’s Roadmap to Disciplined Democracy is nothing more than a journey on a vicious circle of deception. In a show of defiance he has quietly continues collecting men, women and children then locking them away. The notion he had Phyu Sayadaw Bhaddanta Narapati killed is a very viable possibility. With government agencies at his beckoned call a coroner would only be writing his death sentence if he revealed the true nature of the monk’s death. True to form there would be an intentional leak verifying the junta’s participation in this act of barbarism to show the world he was not fearful of the consequences of excommunication. From all indicators Than Shwe would win another psychological victory against the west since the west’s response would be another impotent gasp and angry letter repudiation. Theoretically of course.

Clearly Than Shwe wants to set up a “sweet deal” with the US and the free world just like his chums in North Korea have. With the growing concern over Burma’s burgeoning nuclear ambitions Than Shwe has stacked the deck and the west is playing with marked cards. The west’s dismal failure in dealing with North Korea and its continued atrocitious human rights issues has all but neutralized his fear of reprisal. Now in plain sight he continues to murder the ethnic minorities throughout the country while kidnapping kids for sexual favors and soldiers in his enslaved military. The world had become enablers while pandering to the illusion of hope.

With a xenophobic dictator who does not trust his closest aids and generals you have to wonder what Phyu Sayadaw Bhaddanta Narapati said in private that may have ushered his execution. Other people faded into obscurity or simply died of freak accidents or diseases when they posed a threat to the junta even his close friends. Knowing his demise is near has placed a sense of urgency in his quest for absolutely loyal generals to protect his family from the inevitable consequences when he is dead. Hiding his fear by lashing out against the opposition has also revealed his soft underbelly. Sadly there is nothing he can do to alter his personal destiny and the consequences for his actions against Buddhism. What the free world could not accomplish since Than Shwe took control of Burma will be done in a twinkling of an eye for his time is near. Wonder why his astrologer did not warn him about that?

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General Mecchadihtti Than Shwe, A Condemned Man

Shwe death










 With the *All Burma Monks Alliance declaration of the excommunication of Than Shwe, his generals and all soldiers who ally themselves with him at least Than shwe will not be alone in the afterlife. Compounded by what’s been called the Curse of the Three Pagoda’s even his soothsayer’s stand powerless. In fact, his astrologers share the dubious honor of excommunication as Pattanikujjana, (the refusal of accepting offerings by this group of people by turning their bowls over), reigns throughout Burma and the world.

In effect the Tatmadaw, (Burmese Military) has become an enemy of Buddhism severing the only link with Burma as a nation. They are no better than the colonizers who enslaved this nation in the past. But in all reality Buddhism was nothing more than a tool to control the masses. I am still haunted by the rape and butchery of a 5 year old girl whose body was then place in a Buddhist temple like some kind of sacrifice or offering. This is not Buddhism and is more reflective of the rituals performed by followers of Kali, The Dark Mother. So in some convoluted way Than Shwe made it official who he and his legions really are because they surely are not Buddhist, never was and never will. And now they all share Than Shwe’s eternity of unspeakable hells in the afterlife.

Though Than Shwe and his motley crew of thugs, rapists and murders went through the motions of being Buddhist they were only fooling themselves. There are no secrets within the confines of the spirit world and the truth is known by every type of being that walks on the other side. Some are almost rabid with excitement in anticipation of Generalissimo Supermo Mecchadihtti Than Shwe’s arrival and have prepared a very “warm” reception whence he arrives. His revered Tatmadaw also are in for the surprise of their new eternity whence they cross over. Every one of them will have their own personal receptions to look forward to. If they forgot exactly who they murdered, that is not a problem for they will soon be reminded. The spirits of the afterlife have pulled all the stops in preparation of their arrival.

Every nuance of their conduct has been recorded. No details have been overlooked or ignored and soon they will cry out in agony but it will not be short lived as in the case of their innocent victims. They will exist suffering in pain and agony exactly like the people they killed but it will last for an eternity. I see their journey in my visions and I hear the spirits as they giggle with excitement with a hint of revenge in their voices. They say, “We are waiting for you Than Shwe for death is inevitable”. Like the old street adage goes, you can run but you can’t hide and one day soon Than Shwe will scream out in pain as his body is ripped apart over and over again while spirits play with his entrails laughing at his cries for mercy, forever. His crew will face their own horror as their fallow cries go unanswered as they reap what they have sown on Earth for an eternity. Now that they are excommunicated from the Buddhist faith they will be less than alone in the afterlife. They will enjoy their own personal hells for they condemned themselves in the high court of humanity. It is a befitting fate since the universal law of retribution is just and always gets their man. And Kali, The Dark Mother, will be waiting.

* http://www.burmesesangha.com/

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