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Election Time Diarrhea

Now that we are close to election time, all of a sudden, politicians are worried about the working class and the issues we were concerned about when these boneheads were elected 2 years ago. Just another round of political incontinence as these flatulists proceeds to lie and lie again with more false hopes and bold faced lies to save their lucrative jobs. This act of political pandering comes from both sides of the proverbial isle unfortunately. The hierarchies of both parties are knee deep in a myriad of forms of graft, it’s almost overwhelming. Sadly they are also pushing for the dubious New World Order, the undercurrent of their true objective. Political squabbles are nothing more than a smoke screen as both sides quietly usher in more unconstitutional legislation under the ruse of economics or terrorism.

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Flyingman’s Can of Worms

Have We Forgotten

Tribal politics aside the situation in Concho is a very human crisis. On one side there is a tribal governor who consistently ignored many of his own constituents. On the other side are the elderly who took a major hit by Darrel Flyingman over the course of his tenure. In the case of my village the elderly were left to fend for themselves since funding for their only hot meal a day stopped. Other types of aid were also canceled with little or no notice as well. I personally know this for a fact since I was supporting some of my people in the interim on the assumption assistance would eventually come to my relations. I also funded meals for my elders with the same assumption. The only response to our needy from Flyingman was the sound of Gary Owen echoing across the grasslands.

Eventually the proverbial well went dry as the economy assisted in draining my finances. Sadly no assistance ever came to my relations. Homes that were scheduled for repair were simply stopped. Tarps remained on roofs to keep the rain and snow out during the harsh Oklahoma winters. I’ve witnessed with my own eyes as my family struggled to find the basics to feed our nieces and nephews while trying to make ends meet. I would do all I could to ease the suffering but the magnitude of neglect my people had to endure was overwhelming and beyond my financial capability. I still felt guilty for not being able to contribute more especially when I look into the faces those chubby cheek babies.

Why did these human beings have to endure such ambivalence while others lived in the lap of luxury? How could anyone be so callous as to simply ignore people from their own tribe? At the very least the US Cavalry gave the people flour and grease to weather the winter months. It boggles the imagination to think that someone could be so cruel to their own people. The politics behind such tyranny simply does not fit into this equation for we all are descendants of survivors of genocide. But what is most striking about this event is the over riding fact the US government has encroached on the sovereignty of this nation. Flyingman managed to side with outsiders in an attempt to regain control so he could finish robbing the coffers of the tribe. In a correction to the previous news report it was not the US Supreme Court Justice who granted Flyingman access to tribal funds and business. It was other usual government entities who willfully ignored the will and the traditions of the people by their obvious support of Flyingman. Is Flyingman a traitor to his people? That is up to the folks back in Oklahoma to decide but it is obvious he chose to use the power of the US Government to force his will on these humble people at the expense of tribal sovereignty. Invoking the powers of the federal government over tribal law can be viewed as treason in many opinions. My relations call him Veho.

The issue that needs addressing is this nation’s sovereignty as well as the sovereignty of all tribes. Flyingman opened up a can of worms with his total disregard for the will of his people. Are we to expect the feds to march into any rez when there is an election that booted a corrupt politician? Frankly the USA has shown itself to be poor stewards of the ballot box with the Iraq’s hopelessly corrupt politicians which the US backed. President Zelaya of Honduras was ousted from power with little more than an impotent condemnation. It should be noted he was a favorite of the Indigenous people over industrialists who robbed land from the natives and murdered their chiefs. Burma is another classic failure of the US to recognize the duly elected officials in the case of Daw Aung Suu Kyi. Now this beleaguered nation is about to have another election regardless of the fact the people voted for democracy overwhelmingly. The US simply became an enabler of a corrupt military dictator (Gen. Than Shwe) who continues to murder the ethnic minorities within his nation. Gen. Than Shwe is Asia’s version of Gen. George Armstrong Custer for his soldiers rape and murder ethnics at their leisure while the free world looks on. Dare I mention that these villagers are being murdered for the natural resources that lay on their tribal land? To the joy of international corporations I might add. Sounds familiar eh.

With a multitude of articles promoting a new policy dealing with the Indigenous population of America I fear that ultimately sovereignty will be on the chopping block in the near future. Just so you know, with the arrival of the new world order we all will loose our sovereignty regardless of treaties and national boundaries. Under the guidelines of these economic unions that are popping up around the world there is a clause that allows any nation or industry to go into sovereign soil and glean natural resources. The European Union and our NAFTA are to the benefit of international corporations not the nations who subscribe to this global initiative. The Indigenous populations are of absolutely no concern. Globalization is colonization and as we all know the Indigenous populations of the America’s were colonized hundreds of years ago. We are told that we must forgive the history of the past and to move forward but it is hard to forgive when we are still under siege.

Flyingman is only a microcosm of the cancer that is raging around the America’s and the world. Traditional people are placed in a position of ridicule in some cases while others are simply overlooked and live in abject poverty. Tribal officials drive around in Town Cars and Navigators while their electorates scrounge for spare change to buy Duct Tape. Those are the lucky ones since throughout Central and South America tribal people are murdered if they stand in the way of corrupt politicians. Africa is another holocaust in motion. It’s a pandemic of greed that has changed the landscape not only in Indian Country but around the world. And if for one second you believe that world politics is of no concern to Indian Country you are sorely mistaken. The culture of greed is a global initiative and we as Indigenous people and our sovereignty are on the chopping block.

Your Devil’s Advocate


Warrior Walk Poster copy

Walk With the Warriors Inc.

Commanders’ Update Veterans Day Activities 2009

I) American Indian Veterans Day Vigil Walk (Pentagon to Vietnam Veterans)
II) Celebration of the Native American Indian Heritage Month
III) Honoring the Korean War Memorial
Sponsored by: Walk With the Warriors, Blue Star Mothers, & Gold Star MothersThe event will be Nov..6th., 7th., and 8th.

At: Old Folk-Life Festival Site, NE of Washington Monument, between Constitution Ave & Madison Dr., between 14th and 15th Street.

Schedule of events:
Friday, November 6, 2009 – Setting up Information Center and Headquarter
(VA Benefits, counseling, and blessings will be available, at this site Sat. & Sun.)

Saturday November 7, 2009
Annual Vigil Walk of the Century will begin at the Pentagon and will end at the
Korean War Memorial, Lying of the wreath ceremony will take place as soon as the Vigil Walk arrives.
The Pentagon: Ceremony will take place in the courtyard of the Pentagon.
1) 10:30AM – Master of Ceremonies by; Jake Singer
A) Opening Ceremony: American Indian Pipe Ceremony by Jake Singer Commander
Walk With he Warriors Inc.
B) Invocation: Jack Jackson (traditional Navajo Prayers & Songs)
C) Honorary Speakers:
1) Commanding Officer in Chief, President Barack Obama
2) Commanding Officer of the Pentagon
3) Navajo Code Talkers; (open)
4) Retired Arizona State Senator; Jack Jackson
5) Kim Sowinski
6) Navajo Nation Representative (open)
7) Closing Prayer; Chaplin Allan Pomaville
2) 12:00PM – Vigil Walk to the Korean War Memorial will commence, from the North Parking lot of the Pentagon. (American Indian Society Color Guards and Color Guards from any organizations are welcome to lead the march)
3) 1:00PM – Lying of the Wreath Ceremony at the Korean War Memorial
4) 2:00PM – At the Main Headquarter, Old Folk-life Festival Site
Press Release Conference;
1) Opening Statement by Commander, Walk With the Warriors Inc; Jake Singer
2) Navajo Nation Representative (open)
3) Navajo Nation Washington Office
4) Board Member, Walk With the Warriors Inc; Bob Hrobak
5) Vice Commander, Walk With the Warriors Inc; Angela Barney Nez
6) MOPH member, Vietnam; Leroy Thomas
7) Dilkon Veterans Organization – Felix Tsinijinnie
8) Closing prayer – William Singer, Dilkon Veterans Organization
5) 4:00 PM – 5:00PM Round Dance (Dance of Victory)
6) 8:00 PM – NAC Prayer Service (Teepees Welcome)

Sunday November 8, 2009
1) 8:00AM – Midmorning Brunch
2) 9:00AM – Gourd Dance and Round Dance
3) VA benefit Information, counseling, and blessings. (all day long)
4) Closing down by 5:00 pm.


Maine Act to Establish Native American Veterans Day
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United States Senate Committe On Indian Affaires
Byron L. Dorgan
Vice Chairman-John Barrasso Contact page
See a complete list of committe members and committe actions


There are thousands of Vietnam Veterans that have been able to marry, raise children, and enjoy grandchildren because of the heroic service of military nurses in Vietnam. Please visit:

Please visit our website for further information: www.vietnamwomensmemorial.org

Diane Carlson Evans 866-822-8963 President and Founder Vietnam Women’s Memorial Foundation, Inc. 1735 Connecticut Avenue NW 3rd Floor Washington, DC 20009 www.vietnamwomensmemorial.org



Guatemalan Natives Taste More Canadian Colonialism, Two Murdered

Death Head

Compañia Guatemalteca de Niquel (CGN), a subsidiary of Manitoba’s HudBay Minerals killed two Guatemala Natives. While extracting *Natives from resource rich tribal land the private army of Hudbay shot and killed two people who did not want to be evicted from their homes. The private army opened up on villagers who refused to leave their tribal land in protest. Killed in the assault was Adolfo Ichi Chamán, a teacher and community leader. Eight others were wounded in the assault.

If that was not enough blood shed, a bus load of Native educators and town elders was ambushed in a hale of machine gun fire killing Martin Choc and wounding nine more Natives. With Guatemalan government assistance homes were burned to the ground forcing villagers to flee for their lives on more than one occasion. This is a common practice throughout South America where Canadian mining companies and corrupt government officials have evicted thousands of indigenous people from their tribal land. Farms and homes have been systematically destroyed to make way for these unscrupulous mining companies with no regard for the Indigenous population. Thousands protested the evictions while mining officials claimed most of the villagers willingly complied with the resettlement order. One official claimed the villagers shot each other casting more doubt on the credibility of the mining officials claim. They complied all right, with a gun barrel aimed at their heads. Ah but Hudbay stocks are up and that’s all that matters eh.

Barrick Gold has an equally dismal track record as well as a private army who has murdered a multitude of people over the years. Africa and Asia has been plagued by corrupt politicians and mining companies who have wreaked havoc on the Indigenous populations for years. It’s not only Canadian companies by any means but in light of PM Harper’s bogus claim about colonization in Canada these events were worth noting. Guess it’s OK to colonize people in other countries. Time and time again the mainstream media has all but ignored the cries of the people as the land grab continues in the cloak of secrecy. Then if they reported the news they distorted the truth to whitewash the brutality committed by these firms. After all, much of the media is owned by a hand full of corporations. If you follow the money it will stagger the imagination how much the corporate web of deceit has spread throughout the planet.

If we as human beings would just open our eyes and see through the blarney we will notice that humanity throughout the world is under siege. People are being arrested, tortured and killed for simply living on mineral rich land for the sake of corporate interests. Politicians are not of the people, by the people or for the people anymore. They are of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations. No matter which country you reside humanity is under assault as nation after nation is turned into an economic zone and citizens are relegated to the ranks of consumers. Just be forewarned when your national leader’s returns from the G20 summit they will have a “Global” solution to save their economies. It’s all a sham. Politicians call it Globalization. I simply call it the colonization. And it’s all about the money. Humanity was tossed in the dumpster. Just more New World Order malarkey.

Good thing we are living in the “time of change” because this is not a civil society. Mankind has come full circle for we have become animals who only lust for material gratification at any cost. Human life has become a nonissue in the corporate eye. Just remember my words, natural events will soon overshadow the petty land grabs as Mother Earth convulses and cleanses the globe of all the cancer that has infected her skin, lock, stock and tomahawk.

Your Devil’s Advocate


* http://upsidedownworld.org/main/content/view/2138/33/

Earth Fails H1N1 Flu Litmus Test


Apparently the relatively benign h1n1 flu virus has only killed thousands and not millions as once feared, thus far. Granted there are new cases popping up everyday around the world regardless of efforts to isolate this virus. Kudo’s to the World Health Organization who always maintained vigilance with this pandemic while others criticized them for overreacting. The death toll is still rising but who cares, people die all the time right?

Regardless of the virulence of the H1N1 virus this exercise or pandemic has shown how futile man’s efforts are to stop it whence disease reaches epidemic proportions. By the time vaccinations are finally produced to combat this strain it will have already mutated only providing a deterrent to the original strain. This is the scenario we will have when a much deadlier virus breaks out in the future. When we realize how deadly the next virus is it will be too late since we only pay attention after the fact. Prevention is considered overreacting these days as people and organizations are debased for their efforts to warn the public.

For the people who’ve lost family members from this strain it was just as devastating to them as the Black Plague or the 1918 pandemic that killed millions around the world. I lost a cousin and an aunt to another flu strain in years past with little fanfare so I’m vigilant regardless of the purported virulence of these civilized diseases. Pandemics and biological warfare have already devastated populations. Whether intentional or not the arrival of Europeans to the America’s killed off millions of Native’s do to the diseases they brought. Later cholera infested blankets devastated Indigenous tribes during conquest according to our oral history. With biological weapons in the arsenals of many nations this is a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) equal to or more then a thermal nuclear device.

The only real deterrent to the spread of disease is vigilance from the public at large and on an individual basis. We need to be more responsible and take some simple precautions. Man’s indifference to the cries of hungry and impoverished people has made the Earth a petri dish of new diseases. With famine on the rise it is guaranteed we will face much more virulent disease in the near future. Call it the domino effect for starvation breeds pestilence and pestilence breeds pandemics. It’s sad to note that profitability is the first priority when facing environmental and humanitarian issues. Small wonder many people will not survive the time of change. But I’ll bet they will have a nice portfolio and be fashionable dead.

Your Devil’s Advocate