Is Obama The New “Neville Chamberlain”?

With millions and millions of American jobs already spiriting away to China it was nice of China to offer some token jobs to the US citizens. Barack Obama touted some jobs for Boeing while fueling the egregious trade imbalance that has continued to line the pockets of corporations  and China while bankrupting US citizens. If only Barack Obama spoke with business men  and other professionals who’ve fled China that stated time and time again, “China is preparing for war with the US”. But alas his key advisors dance to a different drum and follow the Clinton-esk marching orders of lining the pockets of corporations while giving technology and economic might to China. Sadly its not only Obama minions but politician/investors on both sides of the bogus political isle who are profiteering at the expense of their electorates, just follow the money paisan, just follow the money.

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Brisbane Australia Under Water, Another Coincidence

It looks like another coincidence has occurred with the third largest city in Australia under water from an apocalyptic flood. Guess it was a coincidence 20 million Pakistanis lost their homes and livelihoods during their flood. But we should not forget China’s coincidence and the millions of people who’ve lost their homes. Hmm, am I forgetting something? Why yes I am since every continent on the planet has suffered catastrophic flooding this last year as well, coincidentally of course. Don’t matter anyway since the floods have not reached us, right? The fact you can still read this story is a testament to the fact these disasters only happen to other people. Guess the smart thing to do is go to the store and buy more stupid electronic junk to play with before solar flares render electronics useless, on credit. Then we can ignore the cries of the suffering in style since it’s not our concern.

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The Last Breath of American Sovereignty


El Chapo Guzman for President

With the Fed announcing another bail-out with a price tag of over a half trillions dollars it should be apparent that either someone is very stupid or this is a calculated intentional act. I wager it is an intentional act to further cripple the US economy in order to usher in the fabled New World Order. Disaster Capitalism at its best since Bilderberg Lackeys around the world played a shrewd game of chess while the public at large played checkers. David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy, and a host of other world leaders are knee deep in Bilderberg Cartel corruption and are in the process of crippling their nations economies in order to usher in austerity measures to ‘save’ their economies. The European Union is a farce and a tool of the New World Order and the Globalization process.

The world at large has focused on the criminality of a few Mexican Cartels while the real criminals have hijacked nations plunging their respective nations into financial turmoil. We looked in horror as austerity measures were imposed on Greece from a non elected body of billionaires cloaked in the International Monetary Fund, a scurrilous group of thugs spawned by the Bilderberg Cartel. Look who their front man is, the notoriously criminal Bill Clinton the man who singlehandedly gave vested American economical might to China. We seem to forget how the Clintons stole silverware and other items when they left the White House which told volumes about their true nature. The list of deaths associated with the Clintons is also very telling indeed, 47 so far. But he was not alone for there were presidents on both sides of the bogus political isle who laid down the groundwork for this disaster and they were Bilderberg lackeys, including George W. Bush and his cousin Barack Obama.

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Austerity Spells the Death of Democracy and Other Ramblings

It is ironic that the birthplace of democracy, Greece, would be the first nation to face the dire and undemocratic consequences of globalization. Throughout Europe nation after nation is facing protests and strikes as workers balk at the loss of wages, benefits and national sovereignty as non elected thugs from the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization ram the New World Order down the throats of these nations under the guise of austerity. Sadly these thugs have positioned their lackey’s on every continent on the planet with their treasonous schema. From presidents to prime ministers the political agenda was to deceive their electorates and destroy democracy in the name of corporatism. By comparison it is only a hand full of wealthy people and corporations who are behind this scheme to take over the world and their weapon of choice, money. Money that can buy anything, kings and empires included.

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Obama and Brown, Unholy Alliance

Globalization and the New World Order are coming together at a blinding pace it would appear since US President Barack and England’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown conspire to *globalize banking. A tax or surcharge on banks internationally as well as limiting the sizes of banks Obama and Brown are proposing are more than just regulatory. Enter the New World Order and the fabled global solution to the world’s economic crises.

Thinly veiled as an attempt to cure world wide financial difficulties this twosome is actually trying to usher in a key element to the Globalization of the planet, financial institutions. Granted banks and mortgage companies have much to atone for but globalizing, taxing and ultimately controlling the size of banks is flat out wrong. This action will skew national sovereignty by removing a nation’s financial institutions from their national jurisdiction since banks will no longer be a part of the nation they reside in. Nations will be subservient to an entity who dictates the nation’s financial future, plain and simple.

It is Disaster Capitalism at its best as the push for the New World Order goes stellar with this Trojan Horse designed to make all nations subservient financially. That means your home town bank will be controlled by foreign entities and subject to regulations they impose on an international scale. Your country will be powerless to stop egregious controls, fees and regulatory requirements since the financial aspect of the nation will be out of their jurisdiction.

Gordon Brown has become one of the most loathed men in England with his pandering to foreign interests and selling off England’s industries to China and India. The fact he was not elected to this position further adds to the disdain Brits have for this man. He was selected by George W. Bush Lackey, former Prime Minister Tony Blair, who embraced GW’s New World Order. Tony did more to purposefully cripple the economy than Margaret Thatcher in his tenure. The selection of minion Gordon Brown by Tony was the death nil of England’s industries in favor of international corporations.

George W. Bush pushed American to the brink of financial ruin intentionally. Then like a tag team Barack Hussein Obama plunged the knife squarely in the backs of his electorate to finish the job GW stated. Predictably this unholy alliance with Gordon Brown will be billed as the “Global Solution” for the evils of the banking industry when in fact it’s a major move to globalize the planet. There is no question the International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization and the United Nations will rally in support of this veiled world take over of financial institutions. They are poised to take over the reigns whence national sovereignties become a non issue and it will be a hand full of people who will profiteer from the world population.

Already written into NAFTA, CAFTA and other trade alliances are the disillusionment of sovereignties in favor of corporations who want to mine natural resources. Throughout the Americas nations have to pay **private corporations millions in violations for refusing to allow them to mine on sovereign land. I bet they did not read the fine print when they agreed to join these economic unions since sovereignty is effectively nullified. Pascal Lamy and his merry band of thugs from the WTO laugh all the way to the bank.

Now financial institutions face regulations and restrictions from sources not from the nation they reside, talk about a hostile corporate take over. And you had better believe national sovereignty will soon give way to the New World Order in financial markets with this seemingly innocuous tax and regulation. The final obstacle will be convincing the masses that global solutions will save their fortunes. The price people will pay is the loss of their national sovereignty and ultimately their civil liberties. Disaster Capitalism at its best.



Your Devil’s Advocate