RECAP: Visions & Encounters of the Third Kind and the Turd Kind

GravestoneFrom what I’ve discovered over the years spirits of many designs actually need the living to pull off their capers. Star guys are only spirits with spiffy stuff to zip around the universe with and a bazillion toys that can do just about anything I suppose. Other spirits float through walls and perform parlor tricks to intimidate and ultimately control people. But if these dudes were so bad then why do they need earth guys in the first place? Clearly, beings that claim to be ‘all that’ surely are not G*D’s. They express ego and talk smack about how cool they are but on the contrary they are codependent and need us more then they let on. Screw’em! Continue reading

Shoe Goes on Other Foot As Genocidal Saudi-Led Coalition Forces Suffer Great Losses In Their Yemen Ethnic Cleansing Campaign – Screw’em

Dairy Trade Impasse Holding Up Corporate TPP Deal, Sparing Dairymen Their Livelyhoods – Imported Milk Will Never Be Fresh Again Unless it’s Irradiation for Shelf Life – Nuclear Contamination