Google Takes a Stand on China, Bravo!

In an era where money and material consequence prevails over humanity and free speech it was heartening to learn that Google become the first major corporation to say nyet to China’s censorship. Standing on firm moral ground Google co-founder Sergey Brin simply had enough of China’s far reaching and restrictive censorship policies. The frosting on the cake was when Google investigators discovered China based thugs hacked into China human rights activist’s computers in the USA. From my personal experience I know it was the Chinese government since they hit me many times in the past for my stand on their human rights atrocities.

It was commendable to note that money is not everything for Google. They are a shining example of what a responsible corporation should do in the face of tyranny. Unlike other major firms who’ve overlooked a myriad of human rights violations and crimes against humanity within China, Google has had enough of all the censorship and were disgusted to learn of China reprehensible activities. Google was not going to be a party to tyranny and censorship. Besides China’s financial loss would be nominal at best. If the truth were known, China’s economical bubble will soon burst so it’s a good thing Google is out of there anyway.

If all major corporations were to take a stand for freedom and human rights, humanity would not be on the ropes. China with its Gulag system (Slave Labor) and their continued rape and murder of secular groups such as the Falun Gong is not the happy place seen in brochures. US and UK industries have relocated to take full advantage of China’s lack of environmental and human rights laws. Anything goes for corporations who can learn to over look such issues. For these despicable corporations money is everything and they reside in the cesspool of corporate greed. Google could not close their eyes to the tyranny and refused to lower their moral standards just for money, bravo.

With humble origins, shear determination and some very good friends Google achieved the impossible to become a major player with a multi billion dollar internet empire. They did it through frugal business savvy, keen market awareness and a thing called integrity. To be a Google employee is to be a part of a giant family where the employer actually cares for their people. Google’s decision to stop censorship and pull out of China also reveals moral fiber that is absent in the corporate world these days. It was refreshing to do a story where good prevails over evil, for a change. Google, I salute you.

Your Devil’s Advocate