Rampant Corporate Theft; An Accepted Business Model

post-card-from-bush-copyExactly how many billions of dollars must corporations steal from the public before anyone wakes up to this scam? A mystery charge here, a mystery charge there, secret fees, misleading ‘signature’ request for a zillion year cell-phone contract and what do you have? Billions of dollars in absconded funds that no billing department has an explanation or resolution for. Can you hear me now? Continue reading

SUSHI: Behind Asian Smiles, A River of Tears, Part 2

In the previous article I made it very clear federal regulators need to step in and investigate the criminality that exists within the sushi franchise industry. Not all sushi franchise firms are corrupted but there are a few international players that operate above the law and victimize their franchisees. Ideally immigrant Asian populations are targeted since they don’t read English or understand franchise protocol. They simply sign a stack of documents on the spot with no 10 day cooling off period or reviewing the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) as prescribed by law. The cure for these abuses lay within the Federal Trade Commission for franchise abuse is a crime that affects all cultures within America. Many states have enacted regulations to complement existing federal law. But with legality aside there is a very real human element to the sushi industry I would like to share.

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SUSHI: Behind Asian Smiles, A River of Tears, Part 1

Sushi was introduced to the United States and the popularity of this exotic and nutritious food has grown 100 fold. Sushi simply means spiced rice and not raw fish like so many people believe. In ancient times sushi was the discarded byproduct in the process of fermenting and preserving fish since there was no refrigerators. The putrefied rice was not meant for consumption originally but eventually hard times forced this onto the menu of starving villagers. Another story about sushi came from fishermen who were so hungry at sea they ate the rancid rice with their raw fish just to stay alive. Today rice is not used to preserve fish and sushi is prepared fresh daily with only the finest ingredients. Rice is seasoned, prepared and does not remotely resemble its ancient predecessor. But there are some troubling facts about sushi both the public and regulators need to be aware of for I’m lifting the veil of secrecy to expose the dark side of this multi-billion dollar industry.

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