Free Beer and Brats At Angela Merkels House: German Fever Grips War-Weary Syrians In Damascus – GO-TO-ANGIE’S-FOOD-BEER-CASH

False Flag News: Merkel Says Fellow Zionist Poodle Bashar Al-Assad Must Be Involved In Syria Talks – It’s All A Lie

Pope Mario’s Gal Pal Angie Merkel Plunges in Popularity Over Handling of EU’s FAILED Refugee/Cheap Labor Scam

EU FAIL: Scuffles In Croatia As It Struggles To Cope With 30,000 Migrants In A Week – Plagued With Demanding, Rapist and Criminal Bogus Refugees As Well

EU FAIL: Sham “Refugee” Protest: Too Few Food Choices, Receive Not Enough Money – This is Not the Words of a Legitimate Refugee – Next Bitch, NO HBO/SHOWTIME

EU FAIL: Migrant Invasion of Sweden Has Led To Epic Rape Crisis – Mainstream Media Silent As Per EU Orders

Already Suffering From Extreme Austerity Mesures Imposed by EU/IMF Cartel Loan Sharks, Croatia Says Nyet to EU’s Re-Colonization Scam – Citizens Already Homeless and Starving

Darkly Humorous As UN Nimrods Calls For Better Treatment of Refugees While UN Pedophile Peacekeepers Rape Children in CAR

UN/NWO Stooge, Chief Ban Ki-Moon Condemns ill Treatment of Refugees – At Least They Are Not Being Raped By Pedophile Peacekeepers, Right Ban?

EU Denies (for now) Germany’s Extortion Plan to ‘Cut Aid’ to Broke Austerity Stricken Nations That Refuse Refugees

EU FAIL: After Influx of Cheap Labor, Rich Nations Germany and Austria Beef Up Border Checks – No More Free Beer and Brats At Angie’s

EU FAIL: Emergency Meeting On Migrant Crisis Reveals Rich Nations Wanting To Force Quotas On Financially Devastated Nations Coping With EU/IMF Austerity Fraud