Greek Depression – Exploring how Greece is Coping After Years of Austerity Measures — ‘The Intentional Destruction of the Birthplace of Democracy by the Bilderberg/IMF’

EU FAIL: Emergency Meeting On Migrant Crisis Reveals Rich Nations Wanting To Force Quotas On Financially Devastated Nations Coping With EU/IMF Austerity Fraud

In Effort To Mask EU’s Disasterous Cheap Labor Scheme Failure, Juncker Urges Governments to Accept Refugee Quota Plan – Give Them The Cash To Do So. They Are Broke Because of Your Austerity That Bankrupted Europe REMEMBER???

Amateur Hour At Taxpayers Expence: New TSA Chief Aims To Tighten U.S. Airline Screening with His Army of Incompetent Personnel with a 95% Failure Rate – Give Security To The Coastguard – They ARE Professional