This Dog is Guilty – Dieser Hund ist schuldig!



Whilhelm Staniuslaus Buffalohair

aka: Loki, Dawg, Anubis Cohen, Bran Cumhail Jr.


Multi State Warrants: TX, OK, NM, CO, AZ

Place of Birth: Houston, TX

DOB 08-02-2014

Ht: 34.5″ on all 4’s

Weight 71.3 lbs

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Harlequin

Speaks Fluent German, English, Burmese, Spanish, Russian & Yiddish

Tattoos: Inside Lower Front Left Leg, ‘Anchor w/USN’ 

               Upper Front Right Leg, ‘I’m a Son of a Bitch’  

               Lower Front Inside leg, ‘Kriegshund’ 

Various Scars, Puncture Wounds on Both Rear Legs, Right Front Dewclaw Injury, Left Ear Injury. 

Pawed & Dangerous, Known to Carry a Boot Knife

Whilhelm Frequents ‘Little Amsterdam’ aka Trinidad, Colorado and is seen at local Marijuana & CBD retailers purchasing Kief infused ‘Milkbones’ and Packages of Blunts. He is an avid water skier/fisherman & frequents the Trinidad Lake/State Park Recreational Area.

Whilhelm was last seen wearing a ‘Thug Life’ Tee Shirt, Faded Levi’s & Black Red Wing Boots, Driving Northbound on I-25 out of Socorro New Mexico in a Lowered Blue 1966 Chevy Impala on June 29, 2018

If spotted notify Department of Homeland Security & Local Authorities.