Clueless in the Age of Prophecy

Mayan copyFalse Flag ‘Holy Wars’ fill the tabloid mainstream media front pages with half truths and lies while Investor/Politicians use their electorates like pawns and investment opportunities to build personal fortunes. Pseudo Civilization, blinded by greed and moral ineptitude, continues to march to their own demise like sheep to slaughter, obvious of their fate. But in the background, forgotten and ignored, prophecies from around the world continue to count coup in clear sight. To bad you have your rose colored glasses on. Continue reading

Hitchhiking on the Spirit-World Super Highway


Charlemagne and His G*D, Mork

The spirit world is likened to a super highway with cars and trucks headed in every direction within the Great Mystery. Some drivers are good and some drivers are not so good. Those who’ve traversed the spirit-world already know there are many side roads and plenty of Bozo’s ready to miss-direct you on your journey. Should you take your Global Positioning System to the grave? Continue reading

Hope You Got Your Backpacks Ready

With Ma Earth entering a much more virulent phase of Earth Changes all bets are off since scientists will soon discover they are not as smart as they once thought they were. Technology will soon become a pariah and a most vulnerable Achilles Tendon. I don’t worry about censorship as much as the loss of electricity since that is going to happen sooner than people realize. Gads, I’m going to miss spell-check though. Fly-By-Wire will be more likened to Die-By-Wire as critical electronics fail at the worse possible time. In visions I saw airplanes falling like rain out of the sky, creepy. Expensive electronic gizmos will become worthless and advanced weaponry will cease to function. The modern world as we know it will soon begin to falter as electricity becomes quite unreliable. Frankly, I look forward to the demise of technology and this so called civilized era. Civil society has come full circle and now we are back to living in a feudal society writhe with corporate greed, deception and death. And that’s the long and the short of it, lock stock and tomahawk.

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While on the Subject of Space Vato’s

I would wager that most of you folks out there in cyberland did not know that a UFO did a fly over during the presidential inauguration. Yes it is true and a major news broadcaster caught it all on tape while their commentators were chatting. Caught on tape then published on the Internet, this video clearly showed a vehicle that was not from Earth zip past the screen. There were many witnesses to this event but there was no mainstream news report on this event.

Almost as quickly as this video hit the Internet is was quietly removed from the public domain. Fortunately I managed to save a snapshot of the video on a hunch it would disappear like so many other incriminating news stories do, if you did not notice. That means we already are living in a revised form of censorship but that’s another story.

Personally, I’ve had my share of encounters and sightings and know of many other professional people who’ve seen the same things I did. From airline and fighter pilots to first responders and emergency personnel as well as regular folks like you and I, there are witnesses to the reality we have many visitors from other worlds. I don’t get all ga ga over it since this has always been common knowledge within traditional people from around the world. My personal encounters range from way cool to pissing me off since not all space dudes are cool. But for all intents and purposes I give them as much salt as I would their human counterparts.

Why don’t I have fear of these space travelers? Well it is really quite simple actually. It’s been a norm for me to deal with spirits and the gambit of so called paranormal events since I was a poop butt kid. They are all relevant to one another and my people have placed this stuff in its proper perspective. Frankly I did not really care for this skill or craft growing up since it was more of a burden and a royal pain in the butt. My question is why the rest of you carbon based life forms still go ga ga over space dudes and spirits? This will undoubtedly be your Achilles Tendon. Your Bibles and ancient works have addressed the paranormal adnauseum including how to deal with rouge spirits. If you spent the time studying your respective dogmas you’d discover that space dudes are in the same heap as man. The fact society is being artificially kept away from the knowledge of alien folks is all to clear for select group of people want this to be their secret or ultimate weapon. They are hording the secrets of the universe for the dumbest reason of all, power and material wealth. Sadly for them this is about to explode in their faces because I do not think they are hanging out with the good guys.

It’s really quite funny when you think about it though. The elite class is privy to these realities as well as traditional people. But the vast majority of the people in the middle are completely clueless about it all. Fact is most of the people relegate spirits and space dudes to “science fiction and horror flicks”. There is no question the US and other governments are playing ball with space dudes and they will most likely bank on fear and ignorance to promote their agendas while staging some kind of event with their alien friends. I will be unimpressed since I have a few secrets of my own and others who’ve experienced the truly benevolent beings from other world know exactly what I am talking about. If I’m wrong I’ll be zapped into a pile of ashes but I will not be intimidated by the bad dudes. Besides who wants to live on a colonized slave labor planet anyway? So if they whacked me it would be a blessing in disguise and I would continue my journey. With absolute faith within my dogma I will maintain my position in the face of all adversity and the bad dudes can all jump in a black hole or something.

The notion any of these space dudes are benevolent in any way is preposterous at the very least. If these space dudes were as cool and benevolent as the spin doctors will say then why are they giving technology to these corrupt politicians? Why are they allowing their Earth bound pals to continue to rape and murder Indigenous cultures from around the world and rip of their natural resources? In any event I am not impressed with these space dudes and their fancy space junk since they obviously are not the cool and benevolent ones mankind are hoping for. They are just as punk as the creeps who are trying to globalize the planet.

One thing is for sure, they do not hold the holy grail of the universe as they say and surely they are not the only visitors on this planet for there are others. I’ve seen them as well as other credible professional people. People who have encountered them agree they are here for the changes and to counter the foolishness of the other space dudes who walk in darkness. You don’t have to take my word on this and I really don’t care in all actuality. But from within my tradition it was once said that the Creator would allow for all of mankind to know the truth. That does not mean people would instantly believe my words, it only means that people would at the very least hear the truth. What they do with this truth is all up to them since mankind was also given the gift of free will. Take it for what its worth or toss it in the dumpster of political correctness because I could give a flying crappola what you do with it. I’m just keeping a promise.

Your Devil’s Advocate


UFO’s and the New World Order


UFO sightings around the world have increased 100 fold in the last few years. From all points on Earth people have sighted UFO’s and many had encounters of a wide variety. For most folks this is absolutely ridiculous and yet another good reason for Prozac. For Indigenous cultures the presents of alien beings was a no brainer and frankly not really a big deal. Within these cultures it has always been known there were both good and bad people from other worlds. Ancient man has dealt with both good a evil entities and not all of them were spirits.

Stories abound in oral traditions from all cultures and many Renaissance Era works of art as well as rock carvings. They depicted these space dudes whizzing around or hanging out with folks. But for some reason contemporary culture has labels this poppy cock like they have done with the paranormal. I’ve interviewed many professional people in government, the airline industry and military. Their stories were beyond imagination but the look in some of their faces told of the intensity of their experiences.

Common folks have seen them but it’s easy to discredit them in most cases. So many people just keep their yap shut to avoid being trashed in the media or press. Each encounter is unique to the individual and in many cases quite frightening at the very least. People in the professional world fear loosing their jobs as well as being called a loon or a crack pot. Personally, I could give a flying crappola what people think since I’ve had encounters of a wide variety as well. That’s what spawned my interest in the first place. I wanted to know what others have experienced.

Within my culture it’s ain’t nothing but a meat ball to see and even encounter these guys. Dealing with spirits and the paranormal has always been a non issue with me and I even wrote for a *national magazine many years ago that dealt with things that go bump in the night. Chris Fleming my editor has moved on to other things within the world of the unknown in film and television but I think you can still find a story or two I scrawled. I just did not like being called a medicine man in one introduction because of my experiences I wrote about, gads. Course I was just starting out on my journalistic pursuits and I was not quite as prolific with my writing as I am today. But none the less I was pounding the keyboard with a variety of true stories about space dudes and of course, the changes we are experiencing today.

Since this latest sighting over **Moscow I felt compelled to toss in my two bits on this subject. Years ago I belonged to a group of professionals who’ve had encounters of a wide variety. For the most part I was comparing their experience with mine and the reactions they had to these events. Many were scared to death while others took it in stride. From abductions to watching these aerial anomalies whiz around in the sky saw it all. My kids and I used to watch as these space dudes would form an inverted V formation. Then one ship would touch each one in the formation then dash to the ground and in a weird greenish flash. Then they would fly back to their formation and touch each other ship again. This was a common occurrence for us since we lived in a hot bed of unexplained events that still zaz the people of this community. SETI visited a friend of mine over a cattle mutilation a few months back. My personal encounters were of a wide variety and I had some interesting encounters with our alien pals. Some were OK and others were simply not so cool but they were as real as they get. And no, I did not run to the Enquirer since that is just corny to me.

The cool space dudes told me they were here for the events of the future since man would soon learn the truth about our alien inhabitants. The not so cool dudes would simply try to freak me out and intimidate me into keeping quit about any of this and I know I pissed them off. I delved deeper since I was told in one of my visions that man and aliens would stand in awe of the power of Earth during the Earth Changes. So bumping into these guys was my affirmation of the events that will present themselves to mankind. I’m not going to beat the door down with stories about grays and browns since I’ve seen many other types of beings as well, so what. But I would like to share something about aliens and the New World order that will be quite intriguing at the very least.

When I was in this organization filled with government and non government professionals we were presented with a series of documents that were evidence that the US Government had already interfaced with some alien beings back before the ***Roswell Incident in New Mexico back in 1947. The organization that interfaced with our alien friends was ****Majestic 12 a grouping of scientists and military personal who worked with these space guys. It was all about technology, advanced weaponry and this was a highly classified organization. But what I found interesting was the fact a Dr. Vannevar Bush was intrinsically involved in this MJ 12 program. He was probably the father of the internet and he worked on the atomic bomb as well.

Since we first were given these documents the government has dressed this MJ 12 as a hoax. They did everything in their power and dumped tons of cash in erasing any connection to UFO’s and they made paper airplanes out of Operation Blue Book. To speak about UFO’s is to commit professional suicide since you’d be labeled as a broken machine as a campaign to discredit you would ensure. Why all the hoopla and the effort to discredit someone? What where they afraid of if there were no UFO’s anyway? But here’s the kicker, I find it quite odd that a relation of George HW Bush was involved or even mentioned in a classified government operation with aliens as per MJ 12. And I found it quite interesting that George HW Bush was vehemently promoting this New World Order. Did George have insider information about how the Earth was supposed to join some planetary assemblage of some kind that hinged on the Earth being under one flag? Now we find ourselves on the verge of the New World Order. Is it true, false or is this boy in dire need of therapy? Something is up and that’s for sure.

But let’s pretend we did have this secret organization and it was true we had be a New World Order to be in some stellar organization. My question would be how do we know these alien guys are the good ones? It would be all too obvious they were not the benevolent space entities we would most likely be lead to believe by the government. Why, if they were so benevolent, did they share technology with people who used this advanced technology to enslave people, take their land and rob natural resources? What would be so cool about joining some galactic organization that sided and supported corporate tyranny that has enveloped the Earth? To me it does not matter what planet a guy is from if he sucks he sucks and he can put that in their Frisbee and smoke it. I did not really know if they were guys or gals though.

Personally, if this is all true they are no better than the creeps who are trying to form this New World Order because many people have already died around the world for the sake of greed. OK Mr. Space Guy, it seems to me you are just as much a butt head as the Earth bound creeps pounding us into submission for the all mighty dollar. This is where the other space dudes I had encounters with come in eh. According to them the government is involved with space dudes who only believe in technology and have absolutely no spirituality. They are all about science with no room for any of the intangible aspects of the supernatural. For what it’s worth, when I had an encounter with the not so cool aliens they could not see the spirits or hear them as well. They were puzzled about my lack of fear and they were equally as puzzled by the one sided conversation I was having with my ancestors. They may be spiffy but not that spiffy.

It will be these not so cool aliens who will be standing in awe along side man during some real dynamic events that lay ahead of us. I was told of these events by the cool guys and for the most part they showed me what lay in store in general. I know I am not the only one so I am not alone not by any means. But like I say, take it or leave it but keep this in mind if our government comes out with some great revelation about space dudes. Remember they may not be as cool as they are purported to be. You had better have your spiritual bag of tricks handy because that will be your secret weapon.

Just look at who they are hanging out with in the first place, liars, crooks and corporate thieves. And as they say, birds of a feather fly together. From what I’ve seen in my visions the not so cool space guys will have their mud checked just like their earth bound friends. They will be powerless. Imagine these space guys, their ships stacked up in the Wal-Mart parking unable to fly. Their advanced technology would be worthless as they stood in the parking lot. Hopefully some gang banger does not rob them of their gold and platinum. LOL, by the time they regained power their ships would be covered in graffiti and missing parts. New World Order eh? Well don’t park your ride in Pacoima or South Central LA homeboy.






Your Devil’s Advocate