RECAP: The Paranormal Side of Earth Changes

May 26, 2010, by Buffalohair

It is almost comical to witness sign after sign as the Earth Changes count coup on civilization. Ma Earth has begun her “season” or cleansing cycle while mankind tries to find an angle to capitalize on the growing cyclic natural events, both political and financial. Predictably technology will soon become mankind’s Achilles Tendon as solar and stellar events take precedents over known science. And all the politicians on the planet can concern themselves about is political correctness while pandering to the International Monetary Fund and the New World Order or Globalization. Dare I mention they’ve also betrayed their electorates in the process? How far beyond stupid is that? But alas this was meant to be as foretold many generations ago. Continue reading

PAHTAU BUM – Dramatization of Myanmar’s Decades Old Cleansing/Land Grab Operation Being Conducted Against The Kachin People TODAY – From a Kachin Soldiers Perspective – MSM Absolutely Silent

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