Tribute to a Truly Great Humanitarian Robert Perske

bovThrough my camera lens I witnessed history and I also observed greatness, a true humanitarian & acclaimed author,*Robert Perske, champion of the innocent and the abused. If you met him you would know how inspirational he is and the battles that he fought for those who had no voice. But for me, he became my mentor, my personal inspiration and my dear friend. Continue reading

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: ‘Am I a Cannibal Because I Ate My Friend’s Brain?’

brain2Without any cure in sight or anyone really giving a flying crappola about PTSD, servicemen and women are forced to live lives likened to a horror movie, every single day of their lives. Within the Native community PTSD has become a cottage industry for social workers. Street kids roam in perpetual trauma in an underworld filled with death. What goes through their minds? Continue reading