2 thoughts on “EU FAIL: 19 Year Old Girl in German City Becomes 4th Victim of “Refugee” Gangrapes

  1. I have a young niece there, she is the most angelic thing you would ever want to see and it all does worry me. The Salafists tried to make her ashamed of being German when she was in school.

    Germany was sucked into two wars, my father was disabled in WWII and his brother killed there. I have a father in law who died with one arm from the war and my mother in law died with schrapnel in her legs. My wife was raised on powdered milk the first two years and now has alzheimers.

    Germany is now in the cross hairs once again. They are determined to destroy it. The two wars were to keep Germany and Russia from any type alliance. German technology and Russian resources manpower and military prowess would be a brake on any type world government. So no German Russian relations, no German technology in fact no Germans no problem, simply replace them with other groups more suitable to the desired goals.

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