UK Pedophile News: Horrors of ‘The Grange’ in Wilpshire, Blackburn, Lancashire: Cheryl Corless Peoples’ Tribunal – Royal Cover-Up Continues

EU Pedophile News: A Look At European Union’s Pedophile Friendly Laws – Sex With Toddlers Will Be Forgiven in the New World Order – Count on It

UN (Useless Nimrods) Calls for Sri Lanka War Crimes Court to Investigate Atrocities – Put a Leash On Your Pedophile Peacekeepers While You’re At It, Phony NWO Pond Scum

UN/NWO Stooge, Chief Ban Ki-Moon Condemns ill Treatment of Refugees – At Least They Are Not Being Raped By Pedophile Peacekeepers, Right Ban?

EU TRADE DEAL FAIL: EU ‘Rescue Package’ to Compensate Farmers Will Do No Such Thing – Stuart Agnew MEP – Corporate Dumping Will Distroy European Farms, Expect It

EU Denies (for now) Germany’s Extortion Plan to ‘Cut Aid’ to Broke Austerity Stricken Nations That Refuse Refugees

Burma: Junta Poodle and Crypto-Zionist President Thein Sein Urges Citizens To Exercise Right To Vote – Then Don’t Rig and Intimidate Voters This Time Stupid – 2010 Election Was A Sham

Stage Act Governance: White House Calls Moscow Support for Assad “Counterproductive” – War is ‘Scheduled’, Assad is a Crypto-Zionist Poodle