Trojan Horse Clinton Crony, Don Trump Continues to Decieve, Disrupt and Confuse Hillary Clinton’s Opposition – As Planned

50 Spies Say ISIS Intelligence Was Cooked By Senior Officials For Propaganda and Factual Distortion Use – Lying So Current Administration Appears Successful In Public Eye

Government Subsidized U.S. Railroads Warn of System Disruptions Over Safety Deadline (Extortion) – While Independant Truckers Are Being Forced Off The Road With Rediculous Laws and Regulations By Railroad Invested Politicians

India Pedophile News: Elite Saudi Diplomat Accused Of Raping Nepali Girls, Pimped Them Out With 7 to 8 Saudi Men A Day For 4 Month – Will He Get Immunity? – Of Course

India Pedophile News: Saudi Diplomat Busted For Rape and Sexual Assault of 2 Trafficked Nepalese Girls – Wife And Daughter Busted for Torture – Non-Muslim Zionist Puke

Seig Heil! Deutsch Betrug Königin Elizabeth II – 63 Year Reign of Terror in the UK, Stealing British Assets and Selling UK Wealth to Foreign Nations – Hitler Would Be Proud

EU Fail or EU Re-Colonization: There Are Six Filthy Rich Gulf States Which Have Taken Zero Syrian Refugees – Jonathan Arnott MEP – 6 Nations Ruled by 6 Crypto-Zionist Muslims of The New World Order

Great Question: Why Are The Oil-Rich Gulf States Not Taking In Refugees? – Paul Nuttall UKIP Deputy Leader – Easy One: They Are Ruled by Zionist Shills Not Real Muslims – Pay Attention

Due Facce News: EU’s Semitic Zionist Chief and Premier Corporate Human Trafficker, Don Tusk Calls Human Traffickers ‘Murderers’, Urges Crackdown – Do You Traffick Children As Well Don?

EU President Donald Tusk Meets Fellow Semitic Zionist, Bogus Benny Netanyahu In Jerusalem – Zionism is the Worlds Cancer Responsible For Global False Flag Chaos