Valentine’s Day Card For The Global Oligarchists

Corruption is so rampant it has gone global. What used to be considered loan sharking has a new term now it is called Austerity. The people of Greece are not only protesting for the lack of jobs and pay reduction but they are protesting the loss of their national sovereignty and criminality being committed by the European Union  and the International Monetary Fund, all conscripts of the elusive Bilderberg Group. Like it or not, the assault on Greek Democracy is a direct assault on Democracies around the word by these global elitists.

The criminal brokerage firms, stock houses, bankers and bold faced thieves of national wealth walk free and continue to commit crimes against constitutions and the people of every nation on the planet and we do nothing but let them destroy democracies. Even communism is under attack since Vladimir Putin, Dimitry Medvedev and the scum of China’s elite embrace the fetid Fascist New World Order at the expense of their own people.

At least the world is unified in tyranny and corporate greed. Eventually when America and other free nations are completely bankrupt, intentionally, they will know exactly what the Greek People are protesting about if they still are alive or not in prisons.

This is my Valentines Day Card to the World