Rallying Call from “The Lady” of Burma

In a speech Daw Aung San Suu Kyi gave her special appreciation to the individual activists who are fighting for Burma’s cause around the world. In her graceful demeanor Suu Kyi thanked the millions of individual supporters for their activism and support for her people. She also verified that their valiant efforts around the world are making a difference within Burma. The people of Burma do hear about the protests from all groups big and small. As individuals we are curving where our dollar goes and that is shaving millions of dollars off the corporate bottom line with corporations who continue to do business with Than Shwe’s Cartel. The beloved leader of Burma has given us our marching orders and it’s time to kick some ass. Well she did not exactly say those words.

When you have several million people boycott, or at the very least curving their use of certain commodities manufactured by pro junta corporations, cumulatively it’s a major financial hit. This is more effective than we realize because every Dollar, Rupee, or Ruble counts in the grand scheme of things for this is the corporate Achilles tendon. Suu Kyi stresses that we must continue with even greater zeal than before because our efforts are offering positive results. I don’t buy anything Daewoo, Hyundai, Chevron, Total, BP, TATA and a host of other corporations who continue to do business with Tatmadaw Inc. of Burma. Granted that’s only a few thousand bucks a year from me. But if you multiply that by millions of people doing the same independently that can send shivers down any CEO’s spine. If it’s all about the money, then fight fire with fire and simply boycott goods even on a casual basis since it’s almost impossible not to find something made by slave labor these days. You don’t have to be anal about it either.

Since governments of the world appear impotent to Burma’s cries for democracy it is up to the people to grasp destiny. It does not matter what nation one resides for the cause of humanity is a universal struggle and there are no borders. The stark realities of Burma’s barbaric exercise in brutality and horrific crimes against humanity continue unabated other than a few ill words and impotent sanctions imposed by the United Nations. The anvil of influence from international corporate oligarchists hangs over the UN as well rendering their response equally smitten with erectile dysfunction. Nations that subscribe to UN authoritarianism are obliged to follow suit in most cases because of this fetid corporate influence. It’s all about the money and we as individuals have the absolute power to shut down any corporation by simply not buying from them. The very same corporations are responsible for egregious crimes against humanity on other continents of the world including the Americas. Therefore it’s a two edged sword identifying and exposing these morally bankrupt international corporations who do business with the junta.

Another point *Her Excellency Daw Aung San Suu Kyi conveyed was supporting the continued flow of news and information about the true conditions within Burma. The previous saturation campaign conducted by a myriad of pro democracy advocates, groups and organizations also hit their mark and she stressed the need to continue this campaign in earnest. The news saturation was a success in all of Than Shwe’s bogus elections. The latest sham election was exposed even before the first election poster was even printed. It is with this fervor the latest antics of the Tatmadaw must stay in the public’s eye around the world. There is no civilian government within in Burma and China’s recognition of Burma’s government is just another Kabuki act or fictional melodrama. It is all another lie and in your face. The stories must continue to flow out of Burma and onto the pages of every blog and news group in the world. And the allies of Than Shwe must be reveled for they are coconspirators in Burma’s Holocaust and must face the International Criminal Court as well.

If you’re just sitting around eating bon bon’s, “re-tweet” any news stories you see showing the atrocities within Burma. In fact, re-tweet any story that identifies atrocities from around globe. Making up a hit list of basic corporations and their products and subsidiaries will assist in keeping your dollar out of the hands of tyranny and death. It may seem like a little bit but it’s a weapon of mass destruction from a corporate point of view. By doing so, you will be assisting the other suffering people of the world who’ve succumbed to the demands of corporations and mining companies. Just know that absolutely every effort a person makes to assist Burma is appreciate and these efforts, ever so miniscule, are making a difference in the grand scheme of things.

* Daw Aung San Suu Kyi Addresses the World http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qTiRncKErw

Your Devil’s Advocate


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