GMO Foods, Where is the Taste?

After reading reams of material about GMO foods from both sides I believe I do have a handle on the GMO controversy. In a way both sides cancel each other out with claims and counters claim but there is one overriding fact that swayed me to join the anti-GMO camp, the food has no taste. The food tastes dead and does not have that rich savory flavor food used to have. GMO food looks real pretty and in the superficial world we live I guess looks are all that matters after all. But for me, GMO foods of any kind are an anemic and tasteless alternative to real food and it makes me wonder if it actually has nutritional value.

Yeah GMO fruits and veggies look way cool and all, but they don’t taste worth a darn. Beef and pork have lost their zest and only resemble their former flavorful selves. And the poor chickens, they don’t taste much like they used to either. Farm fish sucks and if you took a look at the conditions they live you would know why. The water they swam in smelled like chemicals at several farms I had a chance to examine. If the loss of flavor in meats is any indicator, Franken or GMO-fish will also loose the taste test but they will look pretty. Food just sucks as far as flavor is concerned these days. No wonder people have to load out their plates with salt and condiments, they want some taste. Fortunately I live in a rural area so I still have the opportunity to get real fresh meats, both domestic and wild, and veggies. You can taste the difference big time from store bought to truly farm fresh, provided you remember what real food tasted like. My 87 year old mother said it all in a nutshell:

“It almost tastes like real food”

Throw a hamburger on the grill and you had better have a sponge or mop ready to sop up all the water that was chemically held in the fatty cells to retain weight for sales. There is no question why toddlers have pubic hair and boobs these days. The growth hormone, *rBGH Bovine Growth Hormone, is used to fatten up beef cattle and accelerates growth. In turn, the human host ingests the contaminated meat then gains exorbitant weight uncontrollably. Thanks to Bill Clinton who personally approved the regulation allowing this toxic substance into the American food system our food is truly contaminated.

Much of our food is not labeled for genetically modified foods already and we were intentionally left in the dark in the process. We’ve been shoveling in all this crap for many years now and the federal government simply sat by while cronies quietly invested in Monsanto. Then former Monsanto executive and GMO foods scammer **Michael R. Taylor was appointed to head the FDA by Barack Insane Obama, how far beyond stupid is that? Like a fox watching the hen house, Taylor is the watchdog of food safety for the United States of America, as dictated by Monsanto of course. So there is no doubt more unlabeled GMO foods will soon hit the stores around the USA without us knowing a thing.

Ironically Michael Taylor was responsible for drafting regulations for Bill Clinton during his term in office allowing cancerous Bovine Growth Hormones to be used in the first place. He also was behind a move not to label GMO products from the very beginning of the GMO food scam, what a schmuck. A direct cause and effect of the use of this toxic hormone is a ***7 times greater risk of contracting cancers of the breast, prostate and colon. Other diseases will eventually surface since the general public is nothing more than guinea pigs and only when people die will there be concern. The use of rBGH literally made milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream and other foods that rely on milk solids and byproducts potentially toxic. Babies with boobs should have been an indicator that all was not well with rBGH but that would have disrupted unbridled profits. Cancer? Forget about it!

Milk is no longer a pure food and basically it does not taste like milk anymore. Europeans are up in arms about the forced use of GMO foods and Monsanto’s GMO seeds and feel betrayed. Their leadership sold their souls to Monsanto. They are protesting the use of Franken-cows now. Fact is, all over the world people are protesting Monsanto and their cancerous GMO products. To the chagrin of US Farmers and organic food buffs: The S 510 Food Safety Modernization Act was passed last year giving Monsanto total and free reign over ALL seeds (GMO and Organic), food, food supplements and farming/ranching in the United States and America was asleep at the wheel.

Now that we are suffering some major radioactive fallout these days I guess we can add radioactive particles to the mix of government approved toxins in our food. GMO and radiation are both known to cause cancer in humans but the lucrativity of their uses far out shadow the health concerns of mere man. Spin doctors are already downplaying the worst nuclear disaster of the 21st century. So it is safe to say radioactive fallout and contamination around the world will be minimized in order to protect both the food and nuclear industries. And the media is at their disposal. After all, it’s all about the money paisan; it’s all about the money.

There are some very compelling arguments for GMO foods in depressed and hungry nations. But to lower the bar in quality, health and flavor just to increase profit margins within markets of the free world is just pure greed. Poor people like good tasting food as well and they have the same health concerns as anyone else. Medical concerns with GMO garbage will be another issue impoverished nations will have to contend with in the future from their exposure to GMO contaminated foods. I don’t like dead and tasteless food. For all the alchemy that went into genetically modifying foods to make them look pretty, they should have considered taste and flavor as well. Most GMO food tastes like cardboard for their lack of flavor in comparison to their natural counterparts.

Does not seem to matter what it is either, if it’s GMO it’s probably going to taste like cardboard whence the flavor runs out. You will be stuck chewing flavorless cud and if you’re lucky you might even get a growth or some internal bleeding from the chemicals or radiation. It’s a good thing we are living in the time of change because this is not a civilized society and more a throwback to the Dark Ages and feudal times. But at least the Dark Ages did not have to toil with contaminated and modified foods, just the plague.

Hey Michael Taylor, Keep your rotten man made salmon and other garbage that comes from Monsanto’s cesspool. I’ll get my own thank you.

GMO = Garbage from the Monsanto Oligarchy   




Your Devil’s Advocate


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