Nuclear Nior

Surly radiation is the gift that keeps on giving and now I am informed rain or snow will be radioactive and not to collect the runoff. That is just ducky because it looks like a snow storm is brewing in the high country. Oh well, so I’ll have some radioactive snow to shovel. Won’t be the first time. There is something I have noticed today; the daylight sky has an ominous tint to it. An elder pointed out the haze and commented on how it looked like an omen or shroud over the Rockies. We could see and feel it somehow and it was not a good thing. After all, this came on the heels of our radioactive weekend and now it’s the radioactive weekday, oh boy.

The sky really looks different so I’ll venture to say we are getting a nice dose about now, bzzzzz. I did look on the fallout map (from Canada of course) and noticed I would have needed to drive cross-country to avoid the latest plume. Problem is, the plume was going to stagnate and churn around in my region until at least the 30th. With contamination continuing to spewing out of Fukushima we may be zapped with radioactive goodness indefinitely or until the trade winds blow it elsewhere. Surely I could not stay away from home indefinitely if I did flee my transuranic dark cloud. So I might as well bite the bullet now since it is inevitable we all will have to take our nuclear medicine. It’s only a matter of time. Besides, we are mutants by every stretch of the imagination. We are forever genetically altered from years of radiological exposure and contamination from the food we eat already. Toss in all the other nuclear candy and genetically modified crappola we’ve been fed over the years and there you have it, a mutated version of a homosapien. Man has become a veritable Petri Dish in a grand nuclear experiment as new diseases are spawned by nuclear contamination.

Credibility has become an issue with nuclear authorities on both sides of the pacific though. There is so much at stake financially within the nuclear industry. Members of both sides of the political isle are heavily invested in the nuclear industry, like they were invested in AIG coincidentally. There is no doubt nuclear authorities with deep pockets are on damage control. Blarney fills the air waves as nuclear pundits ramble about how safe nuclear energy still is while explaining away reports of rising uncontrolled radiation levels spewing out of Japans reactors. I grew up during the early years of the nuclear age and the public was way better informed about the dangers of radiation than they are today. The feds passed out pamphlets and did a major public awareness program about radiological safety. At that time we were under threat of nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis so we were preparing for the worst nationally. You’d think radiation only caused cold sores, a few benign lumps and a bad case of gas from what these bonehead nuclear officials/investors say these days.

Frankly I think it sucks because now I am one step closer to getting a new cancer of some kind. There is no sugar coating the fact we are getting contaminated and it does not matter how little they claim our dosage is because there is no good dosage. In the 50’s people would have freaked out over the level of ambient radiation that exists in the atmosphere these days. Back then this would have been considered a radiologically contaminated environment. Dosimeters have long since been recalibrated to compensate for the increases in ambient radiation levels over the years, so it’s ok I guess. What a bunch of malarkey and hog wash that is.

Gads I made it this far and it would be such a shame to wither away from some radiologically spawned disorder this late in the game. Guess radiation sickness will also share a place in the new world since we are all zapped now. It’s kind of weird living through this silent nuclear mega disaster though. As long as those reactors are exposed and burning they are pumping radiation into the atmosphere all the way to my doorstep. But the part that really smokes my shorts is the fact we are constantly being lied to about the extent of the fallout danger and everything else for that matter. Why not simply give us the truth so we can deal with it. We’ll find out sooner or later anyway so why give us the song and dance routine? Surely the government is not assisting the nuclear industry in an elaborate cover-up. But unfortunately spin doctors are already down playing the catastrophic releases of deadly radiation and have also resorted to tossing out misinformation. So much so the Japanese government chastised the nuclear industry for spreading misinformation and bold faced lies about the reactor. Now who are you going to believe? None of them since they all reek of the manure they are spreading.

The birds and the animals for the most part are subdued and not quite as chirpy these days. The morning doves have stopped singing their melodies in the early morning for a while now. But that is only another ‘coincidence’ I recon. If only people bothered to pay attention rather than choose to be lead around by the nose. From religion to the news we read, people just take things at face value and from the mouths of others rather than learn for themselves. It should be more than obvious that people need to be more self reliant and pay more attention to the world around them. Their spiritual connection only gets a busy signal these days and that’s a real shame. Truth, now that’s a novel expression in this era of political correctness.

Nuclear disasters; It’s like some fat kid came along and crapped in the sandbox then left it for the other kids to clean. Nuclear energy is cheap from the investor’s perspective but if it all goes bad it’s the taxpayer who will foot the bill, with their lives. So it’s a win, win situation for the nuclear industry. We don’t even have the technology to dispose of nuclear trash, let alone building a reactor that will withstand the forces of nature. To say so is a bold faced lie for man is truly powerless over the whims of nature. And being that this is the time of change any proposed nuclear reactors will never come to pass for Ma Earth has another idea. If you read your sacred texts you’d already know that so I will not bore you with the details. Just rest assured this disaster is only a sign of things to come because you ain’t seen nothing yet because the party is just starting.

Ah yes, springtime in the Rockies and everything is aglow. Well, it’s time to feed Ginger the Radioactive Horse with her radioactive hay in her radioactive feed trough located in her radioactive pasture. The grass is already coming up and it looks quite pretty with the morning dew glistening on the frail little leaves. To bad the droplets are contaminated with radioactive residue.  Hmm, I better get her more radioactive water as well.

Your Devil’s Advocate


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