Welcome to The Dark Ages

It’s not hard to imagine how things were back when dogmatic zealots like Charlemagne and other pinheads were killing in the name of their respective G*D’s. Since the deaths of Mohammad, Jesus and other iconic figures, man has done a bang up job of murdering innocent villagers throughout the world in their quest for gold because G*D said so. Does not matter what dogma the invaders were, it was the innocent peasant who was universally terrorized, raped and murdered during these so-called holy wars. Millions were slaughtered in cold blood, their land and meager possessions confiscated and the bounty added to the coffers of some bogus kingdom or empire. It was the serf who paid the actual price for the building of Europe’s fraudulent kingdoms, financial empires and there was nothing noble about it. It is reprehensible that religion was the excuse to murder others throughout history. There was little concern for humanity and villagers were expendable, much like now. In fact whole villages were destroyed and inhabitants murdered at the whim of some twisted duke or other mindless royal. Ironically the descendants of these imperious criminal cartels still reign in fetid flare through shadow groups and monetary consortiums. And like their ancestors they are marching civil society back into the Dark Ages for fun and profit.

Apparently G*D walked up to one of these ancient oligarchic weasels and said in a kindly Union City New Jersey accent;

“Hey paisan, those pagans really piss me off, you know what I mean? So I want you and some of the boys to go and explain to them the error of their ways, capice? While you’re at it whack all the pagan villagers you can find and take all their stuff. If anybody gives you any lip, just tell them G*D sent you. And umm, that ‘Though Shall Not Kill Thing’, forget about it!”

Sacred texts and belief systems were altered over time for a host of reasons. And it’s a guarantee that man’s meddling was for the personal benefit of a king or other Bozo and not for the spiritual enrichment of the parishioners. It’s a far cry from being inspired by G*D. True spirituality within any dogma does not have a “holy war or killing in the name of G*D” clause written within its core tenets. That is strictly a man thing and when it comes down to it, it’s an abomination, a sacrilege and in complete contrast to the dogma these legions of death claimed to represent. G*D did not tell anyone to kill in his name including the fetid Knights Templar or any other religious zealot who killed in triumphant glory for G*D. Obviously they were listening to the marching orders of some other spirit. Man and his infinite wisdom were duped by evil sprits almost from the very beginning it would appear. It does not take rocket science to realize mankind’s history revolves around killing in the name of G*D for monetary gain in one form or another. It’s all about the money paisan, it always has been.

There is no telling how many innocent European Natives were killed just because they had their own tribal belief system. Hmm sounds all too familiar from an indigenous point of view eh. Chances are they lived near game and water with bountiful fields of grain avaricious dukes, barons and other royal sewage were eager to take. Some Crusaders were likened to gangs since they pillaged to and from their holy wars leaving a swath of dead and destruction in their wake. But they were privileged and had a bloodline so it was OK to burn a few villages and rape a few wenches as a reward for their valiant efforts killing in the name of G*D. It seems appropriate elitist groups and secret societies proudly proclaim their blood lineage to these medieval cartels of corruption. They’ve brought pillaging to a new level called globalization while ushering in an era of feudalism. Now if you were paying attention to your respective dogmas you would already be schooled in your respective prophecies. I would not have anything to bitch about either.

So it’s all screwed up, big frigging deal. It is what it is and there is not a cotton picking thing you can do to stop or alleviate the inevitable human drama that is unfolding right before your very eyes. Just know that all plains of existence are under siege and it’s only going to get more intense. It’s also all about your personal spiritual connection in a practical sense if you plan to survive. This is the most important thing all you boneheads need to know. The key to surviving the time of change is a spiritual one, big time. Get this in your head. It does not matter what the pack does, if it does not coincide with your precepts of spirituality don’t do it. You really need to get your spiritual radar up and running and your dogma holds the secret to surviving all this crappola. If Constantine, Charlemagne or any other of these buttheads bothered to make sure they were chit chatting with good spirits in the first place maybe things would have been different for humanities sake. I would be eating pemmican and making babies in my tee pee if that were the case.

It does not really matter who, what, when, where, how and why you got here at this juncture in time. If it’s any consolation, we have the best seats in the house. Civilizations have come and gone many times in the past and I venture to say they will come and go in the future. The buck has to stop somewhere and I guess it stops here. Our civilizations input in the grand scheme of things will ultimately be ground back down into the raw minerals from which they came as far as earth is concerned. But our spirits will live on in yet another dimension of existence. I don’t have all the answers many people seek but like I keep telling you, it is all written down within your respective dogmas and ideological principals. Whether I live or die is of no real consequence to me because I’ve already seen the other side. In fact, I did not want to come back to this place. But I did gather that it was a wise choice to be walking in a good way before you crossed or you would have the wrong reception waiting for you on the other side. There is always a payday for evil and I guess they want their due for the favors given on earth or something. Like they say, you can run but you can’t hide and you surely can’t take it with you. If you did not give a flying crappola about the earth changes you’d still be wise to make your spiritual connection before you crossed over anyway. You might accidentally save your life in the process. After all, we are entering another Dark Age and you had better have a spiritual flashlight if you plan to see your way through.

Your Devil’s Advocate


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