The Prophetic World of Chaos and It Only Gets Better

From an indigenous point of view, I am giddy with excitement as prophetic signs of every kind come to pass with even greater frequency than before. The cool part about it all is the fact these signs are written within a myriad of dogmas not just mine. The riots and other forms of civil unrest, regardless of issues or pseudo political agendas, will spread throughout the world relatively quickly. Dabble in a few more ‘coincidental’ natural catastrophes to man’s misery and there will be a few more pissed off hungry human beings flipping over cop cars and torching up the neighborhood 7-11. And all the while the stock market keeps counting coup on the taxpayer to the joy of international globalists. With skyrocketing profits in critical sectors it is only clear that blatantly unwarrantable greed is the corporate axiom and justification for sharp increases in all consumer goods. There is no end to man’s unscrupularity but fortunately Ma Earth and her chums have another idea.

Regardless of how rotten these times may appear they are bound to get worse, umm, or better. It just depends on how you look at it I guess. I was talking to a native gal the other day and she struggled with mixed emotions about the coming change. She grew accustom to the creature comforts of this modern society like the rest of us. The potential loss of her computer and other techno-gadgetry as well as clean drinking water poised quite an ethical challenge to her on a more personal front. The computer, cell phone and other electronic gadgetry have become indispensible in modern society and it also has become our Achilles tendon. Knowing visions and all the lore within our tribal traditions, she was also firmly planted in our belief system and prophetic visions. Truthfully I know where she is coming from since I struggle with re-learning how to write with a pen in preparation for when electricity ceases to function. I keep pressing the button on the top but spell-check does not seem to work. What if I end up carving our story on rocks to warn future generations of the cycle of doom? Would spelling matter in a petro glyph? Should I also pack a few mallets and rock chisels? But then again why even bother to write anything at all? I should know by now that people of the future will not heed the warnings of the ancients or even their own sacred dogmas when it comes down to it. Just look at us. How far beyond stupid is that?

After the earth changes are complete my Internet will undoubtedly be down but I would have to find a way to send out an “I told you so”. That is if I’m still alive and have time to spare after foraging for food, water and rolling papers all day. Provided I don’t have to fend for my life from hordes of crazed and desperate zombie-like people, I’ll still have basic primal needs. Hopefully I don’t end up being a cannibal or something with an army of barbarians in my legion who hunt down and dine on vegetarians, health nuts and joggers. Gads what a thought, I better put a few extra bottles of garlic salt in my survival pack. Fresh moose is much better and I would be more inclined to track down and whack one of them rather than my neighbor Eloy who lives down the road. Eloy chews tobacco and has a perma-stain on each side of his chin from tobacco drool old buzzards get from almost a century of chewing tobacco. Old, scrawny and easy to catch, he does not move to fast anymore but there is not enough meat on him to feed my pet turtle. Not that I condone cannibalism or anything but a vegan would be a safer and healthier choice. Hmm, how did I get here? I’m not going to stick a fork into someone at the first sign of civil unrest or shortage of toilet paper either. Our rivers, streams and lakes still have plenty of fish so man is off my menu. Now if there were a shortage of Pepsi and cracklings all bets are off.

There is another part of change many tribes share, prophetically speaking, that comes to mind when animals come to mind. It’s an interesting little postscriptum about how nature would also revolt against man during this time of transition. Nature would become animated to a very real degree and loose their fear of us. In fact all of nature would have the opportunity to show their disdain for us during this time. If you never spoke with nature before, well you’re going to get an ear full so don’t freak out. This is just one example of how man and the supernatural will interface for there are other dimensions and spirits we are yet to encounter as well, homeboy/girl. Gads, we are clueless about the bare bones basics of the real spirit-world as it is, let alone working and interfacing with good and bad spirits. We still pee all over ourselves when some dead guy moves a pair of stinky color coded boxers across the floor.

This is where I tell you to get off your dead asses and hook back up in earnest with your respective dogmas. Just pick up your sacred text, make a prayer and go for it. You will be amazed by all the good spirits who are at the ready to assist you in understanding this time we live, especially now. It does not matter what dogma you follow so toss all that religious hatred and prejudice bull-shiza out the window. That doesn’t fly in the real spirit-world for multitudes of dogmas live in harmony with a common axiom that embraces love, humanity and wisdom. Here where religion marches on ego and the blood of innocent people through “Holy Wars” spirituality is nothing more than a seductress. This injudicious and deliberately deceptive ascription is not of the Creator, G*D, Allah, Buddha, Maheo or what ever you call your sacred dude or ideological principal. It’s the concoction of man. If you don’t know this fact in your heart, you don’t get it. But alas, it was prophesized many people would not get it either so you are not alone.

Anyway, animal spirits would interface with us with greater frequency as well. For people living in the city this can manifest it’s self via dogs, cats, coyotes, birds and a few other exotics animals. There are many other types and kinds of spirits that roam with multi dimensional flare these days.  We will encounter them no matter where we reside but man remains the deadliest of all. You are going to need to depend on your faith within your dogma or principal to survive these weird times homie. Rather than worrying about who and how another person prays, it’s time for you to know who and how you are going to pray to when the time comes.

Where I live there are bears mountain lions and other big cats roaming around and we are an entrée under the right conditions. Unwitting hikers and campers have met natures butcher block in the past out here. There is no question people will continue to help the bears and lions maintain their minimum nutritional requirements during the days that lay ahead. Bears and lions already don’t need an excuse to stroll on down and dine on our livestock, pets and us if given the chance. We don’t walk around after dark without a gun just because of our fuzzy little friends. The mule down the road is the official bear and mountain lion alarm. When he smells one of these predators he lets the whole villages know, hee haw! The cats have already been a bit friskier. Oh boy, it will be like an old Lassie movie.

Yeah nature stuff is hard for some people to relate to only because they are not around it, plain and simple. If it were not for the fact I was a street kid in my crusty past I would not have a clue how to survive in the city after a cataclysmic event. Fortunately or not, I already survived several personal cataclysms of mortal consequence and can attest to the barbarism that already exists in the concrete jungles of every urban center around the world. Yup the loss of technology will surely be a bummer for many people, moi included. But just imagine how a passenger will feel while flying over shark infested waters when his/her fly-by-wire plastic airliner losses electrical power because of some solar flare. Makes loosing ones computer and cell phone during a solar blast seem kind of punk huh. Planes and fiery falling objects from the sky were in many visions relating to the time of change; I saw airplanes pretty distinctly, weeeee!

Take it for what its worth, you had better get your act together within your realm of spirituality and mean it. There are no offering plates or feel good speeches within the spirit-world, just a bunch of busy spirits. If you don’t have a very real and strong connection within the spirit-world via your personal dogma or ideological principal you are toast homie. You will be a mark or sucker to some very evil dudes on the other side. They will con you with parlor tricks and whizz-bang supernatural junk to wow and freak you out. I like so many other people who’ve dealt headlong with the so called supernatural will vehemently caution, “Don’t feed evil with your fear”.

You must stand up to any and all spirits who confront you, no matter what smack or BS they tell you. If you back down you are lost and will pay dearly in the long run for you will have empowered the spirit with your fear. They will literally torment you to death if you let them. Make a prayer or what ever you do and walk right up to this wheezing and scary looking pinhead apparition and tell it to get the F—Out of here. Swish a broom in his swirling blue-green essence or what ever it manifested itself into. You are your own wizard and you must learn how to fight your own battles. Everyone on earth is or will be busy fighting their own demons or jumping out of windows. I’m telling you it’s all a mind game and fear is the fuel that energizes evil, been there, done that. You really need to remember this part just in case all else fails. If not, like the ole saying goes; “When you snooze you loose”. I’m out of here.

Your Devil’s Advocate


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