Brisbane Australia Under Water, Another Coincidence

It looks like another coincidence has occurred with the third largest city in Australia under water from an apocalyptic flood. Guess it was a coincidence 20 million Pakistanis lost their homes and livelihoods during their flood. But we should not forget China’s coincidence and the millions of people who’ve lost their homes. Hmm, am I forgetting something? Why yes I am since every continent on the planet has suffered catastrophic flooding this last year as well, coincidentally of course. Don’t matter anyway since the floods have not reached us, right? The fact you can still read this story is a testament to the fact these disasters only happen to other people. Guess the smart thing to do is go to the store and buy more stupid electronic junk to play with before solar flares render electronics useless, on credit. Then we can ignore the cries of the suffering in style since it’s not our concern.

Forget about Haiti since that was just a little place anyway. Besides corporate interests have already begun to glean the *natural resources from that impoverished country and that’s all that matters. If only the population would die off, then there would be no need to spend those hidden ** billions of dollars to assist them. The money would be better spent on industrial development and line the pockets of an already corrupt government who has pocketed the lions share of the aid money. Maybe they should get a certificate of completion in corporate management from the World Trade Organization for protecting corporate interests while turning their back on their own people. “Corporatism Über Allen” and never should humanity stand in the way of economics according to Billary Clinton. On a side bar; it should be noted Haitians were not thrilled with the Clintons before the earthquake since Bill represented “Sweatshops-R-Us”, I mean the International Monetary Fund.

The corporate quest for riches at the expense of the world’s populations will soon come to an end. Regardless of how the corporate owned media and scientists try to spin the ever increasing onslaught of natural events eventually nature will have its way. Though the recent wave of earthquakes appeared to have reached astronomical proportions, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I consider these quakes only a precursor and only a preview for what is yet to come. The ***budding survival shelter industry that caters to the wealthy should be called the tomb building industry since the underground palaces they’ve already build around the world will become tombs according to visions. But why hasn’t anyone questioned why the wealthy are preparing for doomsday while leaving the rest of the world’s population out of the loop? Obviously they know something is up with nature or they would not be spending billions for elaborate shelters, advanced water systems and storing food by the semi truck load. They know what is about to happen but I know the rest of the story and they are sitting ducks just like us no matter how deep they dig for security. How far beyond stupid is that eh? I’ve seen in visions their caverns turn into tombs or completely destroyed during some major shifts of the earths crust so don’t be to jealous of them. If they had a spiritual connection they would know they can’t buy their way out of the time of change anyway. But if they had a real spiritual connection in the first place the planet would not be in the shape its and we would be preparing for the time of change together.

Then there is the global warming scam and how the cure is to cripple western economies for the sake of nature and saving the planet. Only tiny problem with that is the fact corporatists only moved polluting industries to countries with no environmental or labor laws. On the bright side of this move to save the world is the fact it has increased the corporate bottom line a thousand fold with cheap slave labor and unregulated pollution. But I am a bit confused since I do believe China, India and other target nations are on the same planet as us, right. Again, silly me, since they are “third world nations” so the pollution can’t possibly affect us anyway. Yup it’s a damn good thing we moved those nasty pollution industries out of Canada, the UK and the USA to save the planet and stop global warming. I intentionally did not mention the Euro zone because they are already under the watchful eye of the International Monetary Fund and austerity is saving them from the fate we face. Gosh, they are so lucky.

The reality of it all is, these polluting industries don’t have to deal with any environmental laws anymore and they can pollute to their hearts content. And all those scientists who’ve lied and fudged documents will continue to garner lucrative government funding for their contribution to the global warming scam. Oh Oh, I feel another coincidence coming on again. There is no question global warming exists since it has happened many times in the past but unfortunately there were no industries to blame it on for geopolitical and corporate reasons. It was an odd coincidence other planets within our solar system were experiencing global warming at the same time as earth. And it was another coincidence the sun had increased in temperature also. But give it time and alchemists will find a link to western civilization and the warming of our solar system. The fun part about global warming is the fact it always precedes an Ice Age. It is Funny how the so called learned scientific community forgot to mention that part. Guess they used all those ice core samples from Antarctica to line their ice chests. Hopefully they had the decency to use the ice to chill a quality Canadian pilsner beer eh. But seriously, German beer would suffice since they use only natural spring water in their bier.

Guess I could tell you about how the snows will fall to depths we never imagined and not just a couple feet either. It will fall to depths that will cover houses and the top of street lights. The adjoining floods will rinse landscapes. Sinkholes will dot the landscape as communities disappear. The fire in the sky deal may come from a multitude reasons, one being solar, the other being the Milky Way’s black Hole and a host of other celestial reasons science is yet to discover. The temporary loss of atmosphere would answer questions as to why woolly mammoths were quick frozen in mid stride and food in their mouths in Siberia. The ever increasing vanishing act of our magnetosphere will allow gamma and x-rays to frolic with beach combers. So you better stock up on sun protection, just in case. And let’s not forget the possibility of another Tunguska incident where a meteor or space craft exploded devastating 830 square miles of forest with the force of a nuclear bomb or 30 megatons of TNT. But who wants to listen to some old buzzard Injun talking about visions anyway?

Frankly, I look forward to the time of change since the world will be a better place and there will be survivors. Whether I survive or not is not an issue to me since I’ve already seen the other side and its bitchen or bonnaroo. After all, the spirit world is where we came from. All spirits had to pass through this place of existence called earth. We had to endure experience and learn from our lives before we could move forward on our journey. In the grand scheme of things, life on earth is just a wayside and a blink of an eye. Gads, if I survive I’ll have to help in the rebuild and reestablish some semblance of order or something. According to my visions it was said that after the earth was cleansed of all that caused her discomfort mankind would reemerge as new people and the buffalo would return. Like I said if I survived or not is of no consequence but planting the seed of survival is, for the next generation will walk in a good way with humanity. I saw the future and it was a good place to be but just a tad bit chilly. You might check with your local dogma for details though.

Your Devil’s Advocate





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