Daw Aung San Suu Kyi/NLD Official Site….BRAVO!!!


It is with great joy that I relay the fact Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has an official site. http://www.nldburma.org/ 

Now we can hear directly from Aung San Suu Kyi herself rather than listen to miles of dialogue from so-called experts who misinterpret her words or alter the very meaning of what she was trying to say. We can hear it straight and to the point then make our own decisions. Knowing there are a few organizations that capitalized on the plight of Burma for personal gain, this site is sure to shake up their cash flow. Hearing directly from “The Lady of Burma” will dispel the misinformation that has circulated while she was incommunicado. And I applaud the efforts of the anonymous webmaster for his/her efforts in constructing this great new site. 

Your Devil’s Advocate


A good communication system is essential to our endeavour to set up a people’s network for democracy that will span the whole world. I am very pleased indeed that there is now a web page that will make the policies and activities of the National League for Democracy known across the globe. By communication, through the web page, with strong supporters of our cause, as well as with those who want to know more about our movement for democracy and about the NLD, I believe we shall be able to achieve our goal of a democratic union at a faster pace.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all those whose worked so hard to make this web page a reality.

Aung San Suu Kyi

National League for Demcracy


Memorial March for Missing and Murdered Native Women – February 14th

Passing alone an event I believe is of noteworthy consequence. The plight of indigenous women in both Canada and the US is absolutely reprehensible. The last statistic I read was that 7 in 10 assaults on native women were committed by non native men in both countries. I don’t mean to be racial but what is all that about white man? It is bad enough women in general are subjugated by ego encrusted men with manhood issues. But to prey on native women over the other cultures is not just a random act of violence but a racial hate crime.

As a kid I personally witnessed many non native men try to accost my mother to the point we had to flee for out lives and I was just a little guy. The cops blew my mom off when she would complain of an assault. Sadly not much has changed since the 50’s and authorities don’t follow-up on cases involving indigenous women to this day. My beloved sister was a victim of abuse and the authorities did nothing. Sadly my sister died of despair from a system that protected white men over victimized native women. Statistics don’t lie and native women are treated like objects rather than human beings by white men and that is how it is, lock, stock, and tomahawk.

Therefore, I am promoting an event for my brothers and sisters of the First Nation. And if I was in Canada on the 14th of February I would be there offering my support for this noble cause.

Hu Ho



Monday, February 14 · 5:00pm – 7:00pm

Location Queen’s Park Toronto ON

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Sisters and Brothers in Solidarity – Memorial March for Missing and Murdered Native Women.

The list of Missing and Murdered Native women in Canada grows to 600+ cases.

This will be a Memorial March for Missing and Murdered Native Women across Canada to honor the memory of the women who are unaccounted for or who have been found deceased at the hands of violence.

*There is no excuse for government inaction.

All levels of Canadian government (Federal, Provincial, Municipal and First nations) should work closely with Native women’s organizations to develop a comprehensive and coordinated programme of action to stop violence against Native women.

Immediate action should be taken to implement a number of long overdue reforms, including: Institute measures to ensure that police thoroughly investigate all reports of missing women.

Provide adequate, stable funding to the frontline organizations that provide culturally-appropriate services such as shelter, support and counselling to help

Native women and girls escape from harm’s way.

“When will the Canadian government finally recognize the real dangers faced by Native women?”

Families all over Canada are wondering how many more sisters and daughters we have to lose before real government action is taken.

1) Demand that the government of Canada re-establish its support for Native Womens Association of Canada (NWAC) in their effort to ensure that missing and murdered Aboriginal women are a National Priority.

2) Demand that the Government of Canada ensure that proper facilities within communites such as womens shelters and services are available for those people who are victims or have lost thier loved ones through acts of violence.

3) Demand that the Government of Canada establish an independent, public commission of inquiry into missing and murdered women.

Queens Park: / Ontario Legislative Building:


Sisters and Brothers in Solidarity – A Stand for Justice for Missing and Murdered Native Women in Canada: