Earth Changes 102, My Way or The Highway G*D

With FEMA and other agencies around the world revealing that 2010 was the most virulent disaster year to date, it should be clear change is upon us. It’s no longer a matter of “IF” changes will occur but where. Oh well, it’s not like mankind was not warned considering our ancestors left volumes of warning signs for future generations to heed, but to no avail eh. If you don’t get it by now, you never will, I believe. It was also written in prophecies much of the worlds population would not get it either and blindly march to their demise, so you are not alone. But there is another side to the time of change that simply does not get enough press and that’s the supernatural side.

As far as I’m concerned the UFO alien thing is only an anomalous anticlimactic sideshow chock full of gadgetry and not supernatural. Space dudes are space dudes; they live, die and fart like the rest of us for the most part. They come in a variety of shapes forms and sizes and some are good and some are evil. Several groups and societies claim they possess a proverbial Holy Grail writhe with ultimate truths and secrets of universe via an ongoing ancient celestial connection. I am not impressed one iota for it is clear earth and space dudes got it all wrong. These so called benevolent space beings chose to hang out with liar’s, murderers, rapists and thieves who’ve killed their way to glory. Empires and kingdoms were built on the bones of the innocent using religion as justification to pillage, in the name of G*D of course. And they call this civilization, holay. When we are finally told the truth about our stellar connection it will be obvious elitist ancestors never cared if these celestial beings were good or evil. But like they say, birds of a feather flock together for this was a homogenous union in the darkest sense.

Laugh all you want but it’s only a matter of time before we are given a great revelation about our coexistence with exterrestrial beings, whoopee. One thing is for certain, there is nothing spiritual about aliens and UFO’s. Space dudes use machines and just because they have spiffy toys, possess advanced knowledge and technology does not make them G*D’s or Great Spirits. So don’t buy into a stellar spiritual connection with these space boneheads for they will truly be false G*Ds or prophets for sure. The alien thing will be used like religion, as a tool to control the masses, so be prepared for blarney urging us to pay homage to these stellar dorks, paleeze. Just remember there are many people from other worlds here not just the dork’s the elitists hang out with. And many walk in a good way with the Creator. My G*D does not need some contraption to whizz around in either. That is really lame to think G*D cruises a flying saucer, maybe he drives a Harley as well. Just check within your dogma or tradition for verification whether a spirit or space dude is cool or not. It’s really that simple and one day your life will depend on your spiritual connection. If not, you might be in next weeks headlines because a “voice” told you to hack up your wife and kids or something just as stupid.

When you pray or ask within your custom to see if a spirit or being is good or evil and it is verified the spirit is good a wave comes over a person, for me anyway. It’s like I’m being embraced by the wings of an eagle and knowing I am truly protected from all evil in the universe and other realms of existence. I also know instantly deep within my heart of hearts if this schmoe is good or not. It’s kind of emotional as well since the Creator is actually touching your life in a major and deliberate way. I’m in perpetual in awe when I witness the hand of the Creator at work, just blows me away. We all have our own covenant with the Creator (Hopefully) and it does not matter what dogma you choose to pursue. What helps you walk a good way in life is your own personal business and if people took more time for their own business they would not have enough time for yours. When people think their religion or G*D is better then yours they are in for a real surprise whence they cross back over to the other side. That is way beyond stupid and those kids should be thrown out of the sandbox. In my journeys I felt the presents of the Creator in many different dogmas from around the globe. And yes, I had my trusty chop sticks at the ready since all religious gatherings have banquets or potluck. Hey, free food is free food but don’t bring Tupperware stuffed in Wal-Mart bags. Well, at least not while everyone is looking.

I don’t mix my medicine and I think all dogmas deserve this exclusivity as well. I have my religion and honor the ways of my people but that does not stop me from visiting sacred houses and gatherings of other religions when invited. I just don’t do their sacred ceremonies of passage or adhere to their customs, I got mine. And I don’t decorate my house with iconic figures or sacred items from other faiths out of respect to mine and theirs. After all religion is a personal endeavor. My friends already know better than to try and convert me anyway but we do share many concepts and prophecies. Besides, the power in any dogma is the absolute faith a follower has or should have. You don’t have absolute faith if you walk around with a St. Christopher, Star of David and Gabriel’s Horns around your neck, burning a smudge stick while reading the Lords Prayer and dressed like a Buddhist monk. Sorry boys and girls, you can only have one faith or dogma to have absolute faith in. I think the funniest misconception about religion is the notion you can buy your way through life via an offering plate. If it were that easy you might as well buy “Sin Credits” for future indiscretions, just in case. What comes around goes around and there is no buy out option.

The spirit-world is like a supernatural freeway with twists and turns in every direction you travel. And like they say, there are no secrets within the confines of the spirit-world. We may have hidden secrets and desires on this plain of existence but within the spirit-world all your secrets are exposed. On the other side your indiscressions or sins are in plain sight for all to see. Good spirits, guides etc know our short comings and constantly try to influence us away from these shortcomings. But on the other hand, evil spirits work on our bad side by tossing temptation in our basket and boy do they know what they are doing, gads! Now more than ever before the evil spirits are dumping on us hard by pulling all the stops with temptations we’ve struggled to contain all our lives. The voices in your head are not all yours and it’s not a Prozac moment. The spirits mentioned in sacred books continue to exist and do their thing and it behooves a person to pay attention to the stories within their respective dogmas if they plan to survive the spirit-war. Bad spirits don’t buy into the time of change either since it spells their doom if it succeeds, and it will eventually for that is in prophecy as well. The only thing prophecy does not foretell is exactly who will survive because that is your job. After all, we were given the gift of free will.

The long and the short of it all is the fact you need a spiritual connection to weather the paranormal storm that is in full swing. All dogmas provide the tools needed to survive but they require absolute faith to work respectively. Having bazillion icons and following a host of dogmas only insults the integrity of them. It is all but impossible for a person to have absolute faith in a menagerie of religions at the same time. Doing so is likened to going to a gun fight with a pocket knife for you will be a sitting duck. Just remember, ego and material gain identify the wrong path not a wrong religion and frankly I don’t think there is a wrong religion in reality, for what it’s worth. But if you’re not into the earth changes thing then the spiritual side to change will not even make the radar.

Your Devil’s Advocate



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