Election Time Diarrhea

Now that we are close to election time, all of a sudden, politicians are worried about the working class and the issues we were concerned about when these boneheads were elected 2 years ago. Just another round of political incontinence as these flatulists proceeds to lie and lie again with more false hopes and bold faced lies to save their lucrative jobs. This act of political pandering comes from both sides of the proverbial isle unfortunately. The hierarchies of both parties are knee deep in a myriad of forms of graft, it’s almost overwhelming. Sadly they are also pushing for the dubious New World Order, the undercurrent of their true objective. Political squabbles are nothing more than a smoke screen as both sides quietly usher in more unconstitutional legislation under the ruse of economics or terrorism.

The upper echelons of both parties are in on the scam and are using emotional issues and rhetoric in their treasonous and basically criminal attack on American Democracy. Society has become numb to the realities of these thugs who’ve high jacked the US government. After all, it’s a hand full of scum who control all the media via the monopolies they have formed outside the borders of the United States of America. It was once said the Rockefellers have waged war on America for being forced to divest on a multitude of monopolies back in the turn of the 20 century. Ironically the Bilderberg group was cofounded by the Rockefeller Cartel and this organizations alumnus are the Who’s Who in the New World Order and the world of Corporate Fascism, better know as Globalization. Small wonder a ‘third party’ is growing out of the ashes of America’s devastated Democracy and Constitution. Americans are becoming aware that their nation is under assault by bold faced criminals who are funded by the richest families in the world.

From a Native American perspective, this is only history repeating itself since it was the forefathers of the criminal corporate cartels of today who lied and falsified documents as well as use the media to foster public distain for “Those Dirty Savages”. It was those forefathers who penned, “Manifest Destiny” into the American Axiom leading to the wholesale genocide of millions of Indigenous people from seas to shining sea. It was those forefathers who broke treaties and dishonored their words to steal land and rape the natural resources for the exhausted bottom line. Now, they have turned on their own and soon everyone in the USA will know what it’s like to be a Native American in the land of greed, hate and deception. Granted it is a dark destiny but for us natives it’s just another round of the same ole same ole. Maybe the Bilderberg Cartel will issue sweats and basketball shorts as the new national uniform.

In the meantime we will play the Election Day Cha Cha and dance around like chickens rushing from on farmer to another fighting for the scraps they toss into the coop. And all the while both farmers will be sizing up the unsuspecting chickens for the fattest one to butcher. Funny how the Native American vote is important again. But since the last election nothing has changes at the Crow Creek, Pine Ridge and other reservations across the land. Just lip service, false hope and lies.

Globalization is the new Manifest Destiny of the corporate world. Like it or not, folks have been ripped off big time, lock stock and tomahawk. And soon all Americans will be just another Injun relegated to colonies, economic zones or reservations as politicians continue to feed their electorates the proverbial crap sandwich. Double Speak will prevail in the land of lies.

Unfortunately all good things must come to pass as the earth changes counts coup on all of humanity with more frequency. Money will soon become worthless as a new era of survival comes to pass. The secret of survival is written in all the dogmas of the universe so are the signs of the coming time of change. If people were sincere within their dogma they would already know these facts. In fact, if people were sincere within their respective dogmas in the first place mankind would not have walked in darkness for the last 3 thousand years and we would not be killing in the name of G*D. Hind sight is 20/20 but society has never learned from the mistakes of the past. The present is pandemonium writhe with deception and greed. The future has been foretold by all dogmas but nobody is listening.

Your Devil’s Advocate