Gen. Than Shwe Distributes Toilet Paper (Election Laws)

Like the Constitution that was forced down the throats of the enslaved Burmese people Than Shwe’s *Election rules are not worth the paper they are written on. Filled with double speak ultimately giving his Election Commission special powers to exclude anyone or organization who could spell democracy, this document is just another sham. The long awaited election laws are just more of the same old crap he has been feeding the people of Burma for years. Regardless of all the double talk within this bogus document Than Shwe will have the final say as to who can run, who is qualified and what organizations are legitimate in his eyes, period. The election has been fixed before the first ballot was even printed.

Granted the paper was not bad quality and the ink that was used did adhere to the paper but the contents of the written word were an insult to your intelligence. Sorry Than Shwe, not everyone buys into your bogus scam of white washing all your international investors with a carefully calculated election. Fact is, people from around the world are coming to know more and more about Burma and the reprehensible cretin called Than Shwe. With this awareness comes the knowledge of all the corporations who line the shelves of every store on the planet with commodities drenched in human suffering. Politicians will soon feel the wrath since it is clear world leaders have only showboated their concerns for Burma while perusing more lucrative pursuits such as Iraq.

Humanity has taken a back seat as material greed became the axiom of choice for all of civilization. World leaders have mastered the art of false hopes and bold faced lies to mask their pettiness and greed. The United Nations must own a paper mill since Worthless Ban Ki has sent a bazillion letters of disdain to Than Shwe with absolutely no response. And I cringe when I hear he sent another stupid letter to Than Shwe. How far beyond stupid does Ban Ki-Moon think people are? Why should Than Shwe care what Ban or anyone else has to say in the first place? After all the empty talk and bravado the free world has mustered over the years it is obvious everyone is blowing smoke with no intention of saving Burma. Apparently the United Nations Security Council is as full of hot air as the rest of the world since they do absolutely nothing but write empty resolutions. They sound tough and determined but when it comes to walking their talk it is clear they are all talk.

Guess I can’t blame them though. After all, they are invested in Burma in one way or another. Burma has become the greatest source of laundered money in history. Oil companies and the myriad of international corporations reap the golden harvest of under the table cash and lucrative black market perks. Than Shwe only reports a fraction of his nation’s GDP. In turn these firms report only a fraction of their profits while hiding their under the table bounty with the assistance of **Swift Financial Group of Belgium. The UN was bought off long ago and Ibrahim Gambari walked away with a fabulous million dollar Burmese Ruby and pockets full of Euro’s for his efforts to buy Than Shwe critical time with intentionally fruitless visits according to insiders. It was said greasy old Gambari also had his pick of starlets from the entertainment industry, complements of the Grand Pimp himself, Than Shwe. Now Scambari is lining his pockets on another UN sponsored cash finding mission. Bogus Ban managed to overlook major Korean corporations that flourish in Burma regardless of impotent sanctions he imposed. Refugees have identified foreigners and corporations who’ve committed crimes against humanity including rape, torture and murder. But Worthless Ban simply turned a deaf ear.

Than Shwe will undoubtedly have surveillance videos, photos and recordings of the indiscretions committed by his corporate guests. I know if I was in his shoes I would since extortion is a lucrative business as well. That is probably why world leaders are praying for Than Shwe’s death since they fear what he would say in a curt of law if by change he ever faced a tribunal. Than Shwe could implicate government officials from around the world that are invested in Burma. The Rockefellers flag ship Chevron is waste deep in carnage and blood money. Daewoo and Hyundai also share the dubious honor if financing genocide. The ***list of corporations continues to grow with the blessings of the World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund. So in reality what does Than “The Sham” Shwe have to worry about? All the players are dirty and they have a vested interest in robbing Burma of her natural resources. Like it or not the people of Burma are receiving nothing more than lip service with empty promises while corporations from around the world reap the harvest of genocide.

In 2008 Than Shwe went through the motions of having a constitutional referendum where they extorted and beat voters into agreeing to the new constitution. People were hungry and suffering after Cyclone Nargis so Than Shwe used donated food to extort votes in the hard hit regions. In cases where people did not want to vote yes to the constitution they died of starvation, disease or were simply murdered. Humanitarians who were burying the bodies of the dead were arrested and placed in prison. Some were tortured to death and never heard from again, just for burying a body. Than Shwe did not want to spoil a good photo op so he could plead for donations. Burma’s army filled its ranks with orphaned children to the joy of sexual deviants within Than Shwe’s Tatmadaw. Some children were systematically raped while others were simply tortured to death by sadistic soldiers like in the case of a 5 year old girl (Nang Sap) who was abducted. Her lifeless body was found raped and butchered and placed at the Ho Mong Temple like some kind of a ghoulish offering. In any event Than Shwe passed the bogus Constitution. It simply had many useless words since the constitution gave absolute control to a hand full of generals who would have absolute power to veto even a majority vote. Of course, Than Shwe would have the final say on any parliamentary decision or vote so what was the point of having a constitution in the first place. It was all an elaborate scheme to show legitimacy and sugar coat the foreign investors and corporations.  

The 2010 Election is inherently flawed and is nothing more than a sham since it was based on the garbage written in the constitution. And like the constitution absolutely everyone involved with this election must be approved by Than Shwe and his SPDC. The Election Laws are just as bogus as the constitution and not worth the time it would take to flush it down the toilet. Going through the motions of having an election is just a charade for the benefit of the international corporations who have defiantly ignored any and all sanctions while financing Than Shwe’s campaign of ethnic cleansing. But there is a ray of hope even in the darkness of Burma’s plight. Natural events will soon seize the moment in not only Burma but around the world as Mother Earth cleanses herself of all that causes her discomfort like hemorrhoids called Than Shwe. The time of great change is at hand and there is nothing that vermin like Than Shwe and the most powerful world leaders can do to stop it. Within the Native American traditions the Phoenix will rise as a new cycle of life begins and from my vantage point I also see the awakening of the fighting peacock as well. And no matter how much man tries to alter this destiny it will come to pass with a vengeance. The filth and vermin from around the world such as Than Shwe will meet their destiny. And that day is just around the corner. The signs from all dogmas point to this time in mankind’s history and you, Than Shwe, are the fool if you can’t figure that out by now. At least you will not be alone for your minions will soon follow. Don’t you just love a happy ending?




Your Devil’s Advocate