Native Communities Brace for the Worst

As America and the free world pat them selves on the back for their response to Haiti’s cry for help American Indian communities continue to live in post disaster conditions. Only difference between the Haitians and the American Indian is, help never arrived for the Natives. With an onslaught of brutal winter storms and sub zero conditions impoverished American Natives are struggling to stay alive. Such is the case of the *Cheyenne River Sioux of South Dakota.

As of this writing the tribe has depleted their emergency funds, their water supply has ceased and electric service has all but stopped working. The merciless winter storms continue to wreak havoc across their reservation with no end in sight. Roads have become deadly ribbons of impassable sheets of ice. Other tribes face similar consequences such as the Oglala, Standing Rock and Navaho nations as they face one of the harshest winters in recent history. The Crow Creek Sioux and others who already faced criminality from utility companies in past winters are surly in dire straights as well.

It is astounding to realize that in the land of milk and honey ambivalence to the cries of the original inhabitances are simply ignored. This is America’s secret shame because this is not an isolated event but an on going crime against humanity. Human beings had their power shut off intentionally by unscrupulous electric companies in the dead of winter regardless if people were on life support, elderly or households filled with children. Where is the great orator who needed Native votes in the last election, the Incredible Mr. Obama, better known as President Pinocchio? It’s been a year since he promised to assist the Crow Creek Sioux over the atrocious actions of Central Electric Cooperative. The Buffalo Soldier rides again.

The mainstream media has all but ignored the plight of the American Indian and only through native media outlets, bloggers and compassionate human beings are these heinous crimes against humanity being exposed to the world at large. Gary Owen continues to echo across the barren plans as tribal people wait in perpetuity for help that will never arrive. Programs continue to get cut as politicians continue to pad the pockets of corporate interests and enrich themselves with bail-outs designed to save their investments AIG and other criminally negligent corporations. Ironically greed has taken on a new dimension since now these politicians have started eating their own in an interesting twist of fate. But as usual it will be the Native communities who will continue to bare the brunt of the economic collapse since we are always placed in the back of the line when aid or assistance is concerned.

American and Canadian policies towards the Indigenous populations are nothing short of an act of eugenics (selective genocide). The new cottage industry on reserves across the America’s is the mortuary business since death has become common place. On my reservation alone, funerals have become a weekly affair as our young die at an alarmingly higher rate than our elders. Despair, hopelessness and sorrow are the culprits that are ravaging mine and other tribes. Possibly, freezing to death in these harsh winter months is a more humanitarian way for our people to depart this hateful and greedy world after all. I’ve lost count of the deaths in my family and I am much bitterer for it. For you boneheads who think I should forgive the past I must inform you that I can not because I am still struggling to forgive the present. From my vantage point the future does not hold any acquiescence or forgiveness either.

Only when Mother Earth cleanses this fetid planet of the disease of greed will a smile return to my face. Fortunately the day of retribution is at hand and soon everyone will know what it is like to live in the world of ambivalence. I relish the day of reckoning.


Your Devil’s Advocate