Empire State Building, Drenched in Blood

China Rape

In celebrating The Peoples Republic of China’s 60th anniversary the Empire State Building in New York City will be lit up with both yellow and red lights on Wednesday. I find this most appropriate since red will represent the blood of the millions of innocent people China has murdered or thrown in their Gulag System. The yellow will represent the cowardly conduct of a nation who has chosen to rape and murder Falun Gong members as well as the Uyghur People of Turkistan.  

When Chinese consul, Peng Keyu, and other officials take part in the lighting ceremony there should also be a laser light show depicting the people who’ve been tortured and used for organ transplants. The light show should also focus on U.S. Industries who have profiteered from China’s lucrative slave labor and absents of environmental laws. The laser show should also depict the million or so peasants who were displaced for the Olympic Arena. They should show the innocent people who were killed or silenced so as not to reveal what China did to them.

Honoring China’s multitude of accomplishments should also highlight all the people who were murdered in Burma with weapons supplied by China in spite of sanctions imposed. The show should also depict the African people who’ve been enslaved and abused by the Chinese corporations who rape African land. Then while the crowd is in the mood the laser show should also reveal the abuses perpetrated on the South American natives by Chinese thugs as well.

No laser light show would be complete without showing China’s proliferation of nuclear technology to Burma’s General Than Shwe and Kim Jong’s North Korea. Throw in the whole sale murder in Tiananmen Square only a few short years ago and the recent murder and suppression of Tibetans and what a show it will be.

Ah yes, nothing like celebrating 60 years of torture, rape and genocide from the Chinese Communist Party. And the grand finally will be honoring Bill Clinton for his treasonous act of selling American industries, jobs and crippling America’s economy to the joy of Asia’s Dragon of Deceit and Tyranny. I can hardly wait…

Your Devil’s Advocate